LA LIFE: MOJO, Bingo, Costumes, Free Trees & Travel Show

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Tomorrow is the big day for the Three Tomatoes “Ignite Your Mojo Tour Stop” event in Pasadena and you can still get tickets.  A lovely way to spend an afternoon and get inspired.  The JiggyWiggits are back raising money to find a cure for MS with “Drag Queen Bingo” in WeHo! If you haven’t guessed already it is not your Grandmother’s bingo.  City Plants is back with” FREE Tree Events” to keep you shaded, cool and green. Let’s hear a round of applause for trees Tomatoes! If you are ready to hit the road for a vacay or an adventure, you can get ahead of the game with the “Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show” this weekend.

Feb 25. Drag Queen Bingo

LA LIFE: MOJO, Bingo, Costumes, Free Trees & Travel Show

The JiggyWiggits are back this Sunday doing their thing raising money for the National MS Society with …get this…”Drag Queen Bingo” at the infamous Hamburger Mary’s Bar and Grill WE HO. Definitely NOT your Grandmothers bingo. But what fun Tomatoes!

This is a yearly event for the Jiggy Wiggits and I know from personal experience that playing Bingo for a good cause at Hamburger Mary’s is a blast!!! And I hate games! You may have played bingo in the past but never like this.

What’s a JiggyWiggit? A JiggyWiggit, or more properly “The JiggyWiggits” is a team of individuals committed to finding a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). The JiggyWiggits, the brain child of Gail Gerber and her family, has raised over $200,000 for the National MS Society and they did it through donations, Drag Queen Bingo fundraisers and their yearly MS walk.  The team was started by the Gerber and Lesser Family in 2007. Michael Gerber has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for many years. The JiggyWiggits team has grown through the support of family members, Gail, Jenica, Adam and Abby Gerber along with the Lesser and Kramer-Weber families and friends. Due to the support of all JiggyWiggits they are now one of the largest Friends and Family teams in the country. They want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of the millions of people that are affected by this disease. And they want to LIVE A LIFE THAT MATTERS by helping to create change in this world. Bravo and Kudos JiggyWiggits!!!!

Now to April 7 Oscar Costumes

LA LIFE: MOJO, Bingo, Costumes, Free Trees & Travel Show

Oh, boy oh boy, The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition” is back with this LA tradition and I can’t wait to go! As in the previous 26 years, FIDM has outdone itself again with this year’s Oscar Costume Exhibition which features more than 125 costumes! Wow! And tomatoes, this exhibition, which I would gladly pay top dollar for, is…FREE!

See the costumes from 2017’s most popular films, including the Academy Award® nominees for Best Costume Design. Ensembles from Phantom Thread (Mark Bridges), Wonder Woman (Lindy Hemming), Dunkirk (Jeffrey Kurland), Thor: Ragnarock (Mayes C. Rubeo), and many more are on view. This is a great opportunity to see breathtaking artistry and craftsmanship by the best in movie costume design.  Costume design is an integral part of bringing a character to life and making the film memorable and magical. Don’t miss it tomatoes!

Feb 24 & 25 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show

LA LIFE: MOJO, Bingo, Costumes, Free Trees & Travel ShowThis travel show is the Nation’s Largest gals, where you can discover the world in one weekend all under one roof! You can explore endless travel options and can meet destination experts from around the globe to help you personalize your perfect journey. What a great way to start planning your next trip.

It has so much to offer Tomatoes! You learn how to pack for two weeks in a carry-on (now that boggles my mind) and maximize your reward points; receive advice on where to go, what to do, and how to get there; get a taste of faraway cultures.

Meet Rick Steves, Samantha Brown, Phil Keoghan to name a few of your favorite travel stars, authors and experts.  All for only $11 per day or $18 for 2 days. Safe travels Tomatoes!

March 3.  Free Trees

LA LIFE: MOJO, Bingo, Costumes, Free Trees & Travel Show

If you have got a hankerin’ to plant a tree now’s a good time Tomatoes.  City Plants , whose mission is to expand and maintain LA’s green canopy to promote healthy living, maximize energy efficiency and to create jobs, helps accomplish these goals by hosting tree adoption events where you can take home a free tree! Yippee! And the next one is March 3. So be free, be green and be there Tomatoes.

These events are happening all over LA and every weekend to be exact. And if you don’t know how to plant a baby tree , City Plants has help for you.  City Plants provides free trees to LA residents, plants street trees in the City of LA, and educates and trains community members in maintaining and caring for their canopy. They work with multiple City departments and seven non-profit organizations to plant and give away 15,000 trees each year!  Thank you, City Plants!!!! We can always use more trees ladies!


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