LA LIFE: Lost LA, Cookie Con, Positive Exposure, V-Day Cards

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It’s February! The sky is sunny, the air is fresh, the temp is chilly and everything is sparkling. Ain’t LA grand?! Speaking of our fair city I watched a new series, “Lost LA” that sheds an amazing light on LA history from long ago. The Spirit of Difference is the theme of the “Positive Exposure” exhibit now at The Museum of Tolerance and that is worth celebrating.  LA Cookie Con & Sweets Show is back. When it comes to foster children, CASA LA is always to the rescue, and they have a wonderful selection of Valentine Day Cards.

Lost LA

LA LIFE: Lost LA, Cookie Con, Positive Exposure, V-Day Cards

Did you know the Santa Ana winds were once called The Devil Winds? Ever wonder why the Grizzly Bear is on many California Republic flags? The “Lost LA” series, a co-production of KCET and USC Libraries in collaboration with LA as Subject , goes way, way…way, waaaaaaaaay back (get the drift) to a very different LA Basin. Mind boggling in fact. New filmmakers (many of whom are women) bring to life the untold stories of Southern California’s very distant past.  This is clever, inventive and totally fascinating documentary story telling.  A must-see for LA tomatoes!

LA LIFE: Lost LA, Cookie Con, Positive Exposure, V-Day Cards

Nathan Masters, writer for “L.A. as Subject” and host of “Lost LA” says it best, “Los Angeles has forgotten, buried, or rewritten much of its history. It’s torn down landmarks, recast its Mexican past as a Spanish Romance, and written entire cultures and communities out of its official historical narratives. Drawing upon the city’s archives, this series gives an authentic voice to some of those stories, bringing to light what might otherwise might be permanently lost.”

LA as Subject is an alliance of research archives, libraries, and private collectors dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Los Angeles region. Hosted by the USC Libraries.

Now thru April 2016. Positive Exposure.

LA LIFE: Lost LA, Cookie Con, Positive Exposure, V-Day Cards

“Change how you see, see how you change” is the key to this marvelous exhibit hosted by The Museum of Tolerance.  Rick Guidotti, famous award winning fashion photographer, stopped working in the fashion industry 15 years ago and created Positive Exposure that celebrates the richness and beauty of diversity.  His photos give people and society a chance to transform their perceptions of people living with genetic, physical, behavioral and intellectual differences. Visit this exhibit ladies and you will see dignity and joy.

Positive Exposure’s educational and advocacy programs reach around the globe to promote a more inclusive, compassionate world where differences are celebrated. With one out of five children in the United States being born with a disability, the need for society to understand and respect children and adults living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences is critical.

Feb.6 & 7. LA Cookie Con    

LA LIFE: Lost LA, Cookie Con, Positive Exposure, V-Day CardsScrumptious delectable cookies, glorious cakes, yummy ice cream, tantalizing candies, unforgettable chocolates, pretty pastries …and …coffee. Oh lordy I can’t stop drooling. Quick a hanky please! The second annual LA Cookie Con or as I like to say “Sweet Tooth Heaven” at the LA Convention Center is 3 times bigger this year in every respect.  Perhaps that is why it is considered the “biggest” baking convention on the West Coast. With Valentine’s Day around the corner perhaps you can pick up some sweets for your sweetie and …you.

There will be more than 125 local and national vendors, and some of your favorite baking and TV stars. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sugar art and baking competitions will benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Get Your V-Day Cards Now. 
LA LIFE: Lost LA, Cookie Con, Positive Exposure, V-Day Cards

CASA of LA has a great alternative to flowers this Valentine’s Day tomatoes. A Valentines card with a donation to CASA would mean so much to so many. The cards are adorable and CASA can send them to you or directly to whomever is on your list.  I just know your loved ones would be very happy to receive such a meaningful gift. Get right on it tomatoes…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.


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