LA LIFE: Lizard Moves, Mental Health, Paley Fest, Bridge Celebration

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LA LIFE: Lizard Moves, Mental Health, Paley Fest, Bridge Celebration

Let me ask you this strange question, Tomatoes? Do you think moving like a lizard would be fun? Well, it is, and I will share where and how you can learn to move like these little rascals.  Are you weary of the stress this pandemic is putting your body and brain through? Well, the Jewish Women’s theatre will help, Tomatoes.  Paley Fest is Back! Virtually, that is and it’s better than ever.  And Pasadena Heritage is having a big party to celebrate the amazing Colorado Street Bridge. Great ways to take your minds off all that worries you. And remember, Tomatoes, there is always the sunset to soothe and remind us that LA is beautiful!  Wishing you all well this week.

Move Like a Lizard

LA LIFE: Lizard Moves, Mental Health, Paley Fest, Bridge Celebration

I just love lizards.  I enjoy spotting them in my yard and watching their interesting movements and behavior while they do good things for our environment. So, when I saw a post about NHM’s “Lizard Moves” how could I not share it with you, Tomatoes?

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles challenges you to take part in “Lizard Moves” which promises to be fun, easy and educational. Whether it’s lizard pushups or a scaly walk, nobody knows how to get moving like a reptile so get ready to swish your tail with awesome exercises from NHM’s Performing Arts Group and guide Mark Whitten, Tomatoes. You’ll learn a lot too about these little rascals. I loved watching this innovative exercise video adapting reptile movements to suit and benefit our bodies, Tomatoes. 

Rascals happens to be the name of a Community Science Project Partnership between the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Los Angeles Natural History Museum to study native and nonnative species of Reptiles and Amphibians in California.  Good for them. 


August 9.  Pandemic Mental Health Event

It’s no understatement that we are on an emotional roller coaster ride during this pandemic, Tomatoes.  It’s hard to fathom, but Jewish Women’s Theatre is here to help by presenting “Virus Tsuris”, a virtual event featuring mental health experts to help you understand what the heck is going on inside your body & mind while we weather this pandemic.

The expertise of Shelly Cohen MD., JD. a psychiatrist specializing in women’s mental health and Anita Siegman PH.D. a clinical psychologist for 20 years, and Moderated by Maureen Rubin, Emeritus Professor of Journalism, will not only help you to wrap your head around the effects this pandemic is having on you but will also help you to manage the responses of your body and mind.  Their guidance during this virtual event will inspire you to find your inner strength, courage and compassion now. I think we can all use a dose of the help these experts and JWT are offering to us, Tomatoes.  The event is free, but I hope you will consider making a donation that JWT so deserves. 

August 7 – August 10. Paley Fest LA

LA LIFE: Lizard Moves, Mental Health, Paley Fest, Bridge Celebration

The fab PaleyFest LA, produced by The Paley Center for the Media, is going to be a virtual festival this year with a marvelous lineup of online events — including the talent of Dolly Parton and Mrs. Maisel. Let’s just say there’s a plethora (A LOT) of awesome talent behind a plethora of your favorite TV shows appearing in a plethora of events for you to dive into. And it’s FREE for the very first time, Tomatoes!  Woo-Hoo!

Starting August 7, the festival will be available to watch for members and on August 10 non-members can watch the festival on the Paley Center’s YouTube channel. “PaleyFest LA has been the premier television festival in the country for more than thirty-five years, and, we’re so pleased to bring this best-in-class festival to millions of fans virtually for the first time…” said Maureen J. Reidy, president and CEO, Paley Center for Media. “We look forward to presenting this incredible lineup of programs featuring the shows that make us laugh, take us into a world of mystery, comfort us, and shine a light on pressing social issues.” It’s definitely a star-filled event, Tomatoes, and don’t forget it’s FREE!

Aug 9 -15. Celebration of Colorado Street Bridge

LA LIFE: Lizard Moves, Mental Health, Paley Fest, Bridge Celebration

Tomatoes can learn about the history and the future of Pasadena’s iconic landmark with “The Pasadena Heritage’s Virtual Celebration of Colorado Street Bridge 2020.” You might not be able to enjoy the Party in person this year, but you can enjoy the entertaining and educational virtual events happening every day all week-long. Let’s party!

Starting off is one of Pasadena’s most beloved events at this annual celebration, The Classic and Custom Car Cruise.  It’s a doozy.   Other daily events include a lecture on the amazing history of the bridge, an important panel discussion about the new fencing on the bridge and a virtual Happy Hour with beer and trivia as well as children’s fun activities.  The Colorado Street Bridge has been threatened numerous times, and for the last 43 years, Pasadena Heritage has been its leading champion. To save and restore this iconic structure, the organization conducted letter-writing campaigns, constant lobbying and national publicity efforts. Pasadena Heritage’s famous summer event on the spectacular span first highlighted the need to repair it. After many years of effort, the Bridge was saved, seismically upgraded and restored to its original grandeur – a feat that is celebrated with this community event, Tomatoes. Wow!


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