LA LIFE INSIDERS GUIDE: Underwater Cities, Fall Festival, Bazaar, SOAR, Pioneer Hike

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It has sure been feeling like fall, Tomatoes and I love it!  There’s a whole lot happenin’ at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s new “Coral Reefs” exhibit.  The Original Farmer’s Market is hosting LA’s favorite “Fall Festival”.  Oh boy, a Bazaar! If you love history, “The 16th Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar” is for you! “Soar” is flying back in to the South Coast Botanical Gardens! And believe it or not, you can learn about “Women Pioneers of Film” on an easy nature hike, Tomatoes.

 Coral Reefs


You don’t need to dive down under the sea to experience the magnificence of a coral reef when you have the amazing “Coral Reefs: Nature’s Underwater Cities” exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  And it’s located in the newly reimagined and breathtaking Tropical Pacific Gallery, Tomatoes.

You’ll gain an even better understanding of coral reefs, the threats they face, and what we all can do to help save them. New residents, like a green sea turtle, flashlight fish, and red-footed booby, and some old friends are tickled pink to meet you and be seen in a whole new light. Pacific Visions enables you to explore the coral reefs through a new show in the Honda Pacific Visions Theater and an interactive exhibit in the art gallery.  You’ll be glad you went, Gals.

Oct 22-24.  Fall Festival at Farmers Market

Celebrate the fall harvest, Tomatoes, with the family friendly
Fall Festival” at LA’s Original Farmers Market this weekend. It’s everybody’s favorite harvest fest because it’s got everything that will remind you of Fall in LA, Tomatoes.

A pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, fall themed games, photo opps, arts and crafts and live music and there’s more to delight you and the family at the “Fall Festival”.  The Fall Festival will be in full swing in the heart of Los Angeles for two days Tomatoes. Lots of Halloween spirit and fun to be found there!

Oct 24. Women Pioneers Hike

You could have knocked my socks off when I learned that the “Women Pioneers of Film” event is during a hike at Paramount Ranch. But…what could be more perfect than enjoying nature in Malibu Canyon while learning about some trailblazing, pioneering women of the film industry during the 1920s. That is my kind of educational experience, Tomatoes.

Dorothy Arzner, Lupe Velez and Anna May Wong have rarely been recognized for their contributions to the film industry and to film history. The hike will include a talk about their struggles, experiences, and achievements in the film industry and help participants understand their significance.  It is about time, Tomatoes.

Oct 23.  Archives Bazaar

The exhibits of 70+ archives, historical societies, libraries, postcard and historic photos will be on view and on sale for the 16th Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar! It’s free and you can browse to your hearts content in the beautiful and historic Doheny Memorial Library at USC.  Stories of LA all day and in one place, Tomatoes!

There will also be onsite presentations by Basement Tapes Day and Home Movie Day, and a day full of in-person and virtual programs with local authors, community leaders, and (of course) archivists, all streamed online. And again, it’s Free but registering is recommended. Sounds simply marvelous, Tomatoes

Till November 30. SOAR is Back

“SOAR” was a new exhibit at the South Coast Botanical Gardens this past spring featuring lovely tropical butterflies with the introduction of a Butterfly Pavilion.  Well, its fall and “SOAR” is back with their new exhibit “Monarch Migration”. Aren’t we lucky we can once again soar with the thrill of a butterfly experience, Tomatoes?

This exhibit is focused entirely on the mighty western monarch butterfly family and their story, from its migration habits, features and characteristics, plus its declining population and how YOU can help conservation efforts. The new host and nectar garden area features plants western monarchs love with a stunning fall color palette. The guides will share new fun facts so you can become an amateur monarch expert. What’s not to like, Tomatoes?


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