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The LA hills are alive and lovely with green! Speaking of lovely, our LA Stylist, Felicia Arlin, is back with not one but two fab “LA Style Stories.” “First Fridays” at NHM is finally back for live events! Yippee! Antaeus Theatre’s “ClassicsFest” will give you a marvelous dose of classic theatre. The Aquarium of the Pacific is hosting the annual “African-American Festival” and the “Cactus and Succulent Show” will delight. You can find “Animal Encounters” all around town and there’s a new exhibit, “Riding LA” at Union Station. And does Happily Ever After Exist? Listen in to his week’s podcast.  There you have it, Tomatoes.


LA Style Stories: Daytime Sparkle and Dress Up

As Felicia Arlin says, “Why save the sparkle and the whimsey for evening?” “Daytime Sparkle” is cool Tomatoes, and we deserve to sparkle in the light of day. Felicia also gives us the skinny on using a contemporary “Gatsby” vibe for “Dress Up” and there’s a great style tip included Tomatoes!  Ya gotta love it! Read more.

March 4 – July 1 First Fridays

After two years, the annual seasonal series “First Fridays at The Natural History Museum (NHM) returns, live and in-person, with a refreshed onsite experience! Hallelujah!  From foraging to fungi and all things plant based, this seasons theme, “From Seeds to Psychedelics” will explore how scientists, activists, and artists are looking to the power of plants and fungi to save us. I bet they can, Tomatoes.

And let’s not forget the live performances, food trucks, signature cocktails, topical discussions and so much more. The new First Fridays season, “From Seeds to Psychedelics”, kicks off March 4 with Moderator Dr. Yewande Pearse and Panelist Dr. Beatriz C. Labate tackling the mind-enhancing effects of psychedelics and the possible embracement of their benefits with the discussion “Plants with Benefits.” And if you are an NHM member, it’s FREE, Tomatoes!

Calling Tomatoes from Coast to Coast


Join us in New York City for a fabulous all-day event of panels, speakers, exhibitors, and connecting with other fab Tomatoes. The head tomato, Cheryl Benton will moderate this panel on changing the perceptions of aging. GET THE DETAILS.


Feb 25 – Feb 28   ClassicsFest

You know by now, Tomatoes, that Antaeus Theatre Company is one of my fav theatres in town and starting tonight they are presenting Live Staged Readings of Three SistersThe Hot L Baltimore; and Mud. What a wonderful selection of classics to choose from for their “ClassicsFest.” The classics for classy, Tomatoes!

Antaeus Theatre Company is filled to the brim with amazing talent so there’s no doubt the readings and the performances will be top notch with Antaeus at the helm. Not too late to get your tickets for tonight or this weekend, Ladies.  “Mud,” by Maria Irene Fornes, , reflects how Mae, living in rural poverty, attempts to better herself by learning how to read. Anton Chekhov’s words come to life in The Sarah Ruhl adaptation of of “Three Sisters” where three sisters, transplanted from their beloved Moscow to a provincial Russian town, yearn for the city of their childhood – where they imagine their lives will be transformed and fulfilled. And “Hot L Baltimore,” by Landford Wilson,  is a poignant and comic look into the lives of the residents of the decaying Hotel Baltimore as they face eviction from the condemned building.  All readings will take place in the Antaeus theater in Glendale with safety protocols in place.

Feb 26 & 27. African American Festival

The African-American Festival” is back at the awesome Aquarium of the Pacific for its twentieth year!  It should be tons of fun, Tomatoes, with the festivities featuring music, dance, storytelling, and historical displays.  And it’s all included in the price of a general admission ticket. What a wonderful place to hang this weekend.

The Aquarium will also announce and celebrate the recipients of its 2022 African American Scholar Program. Reservations to the Aquarium are required on weekends and holidays, so hop to it Gals and book yours.

March 4-6.  Cactus and Succulent Show and Sale


If you are mad for cacti and succulents like me, The San Gabriel Valley Cactus & Succulent Society will be exhibiting the splendors of Winter succulents and cacti rarely seen in summer shows at the beautiful LA Arboretum and Botanical Garden’s. “The Cactus & Succulent Show & Sale” will include some of the best plants grown by experienced growers and the sale will include about 25 vendors selling plants, pots, and growing supplies. I’m ready, Tomatoes!

Many of the best succulents come from an environment very similar to Southern California.  Cool wet winters are followed by dry warm to hot summers.  This makes growing these plants extremely easy.  I have rarely lost a cactus or succulent plant for this reason. It is a marvel to see a cacti or succulent bloom and it makes the bees and hummingbirds very happy too.  Featured plants will include succulent pelargoniums, wild relatives of the common geranium, and Cyphostemma, succulent members of the grape family. The Annual Winter Succulent Show and Sale with the show on March 5 – 6 and the sale on March 4 – 6 will take place in Ayres hall of the Los Angeles Arboretum.  Advanced Admission tickets are a must, Ladies.

Absolute Best LA Animal Encounters

I love it when someone else does the heavy lifting and, in this case, I’m excited to share this marvelous list, from Tiny Beans LA, of the best places in LA the kiddoes in your life can enjoy “Animal Encounters.” One of my favorite places, The Gentle Barn, that I’ve mentioned here often, made this super-duper list… among many others. Whoopee!

When a child interacts with a special animal it makes all the parties involved feel warm and cozy inside. It doesn’t matter whether the animal is feathered or furry, the experience for the child, the animal and those watching is magical. “The Absolute Best LA Animal Encounters” list is fantastic with a wide range of species and a variety of excellent organizations that you can trust to keep the animal encounter for your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews safe, Tomatoes.

Riding LA


Riding LA,” a new installation curated by the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundations, opened Feb 8 in Union Station’s Historic Waiting Room for travelers, commuters, train enthusiasts and visitors to enjoy. It’s a comprehensive history of passenger services in the city of Angels with a stunning collection of historic images and I bet it’s eye opening, Gals.

Few transportation technologies affected the development of 19th century America like the railroad, and Angelenos were profoundly impacted by the development of passenger service in the region. “Riding LA” explores the evolution of these trains and their contribution to the growth of Los Angeles. Well respected rail photographers exhibit their work and there is a wealth of historical information on passenger trains from Pacific Electric and LARy to the modern Los Angeles transit lines. All for your viewing pleasure from 4am to 1am daily.  “Riding LA” sounds great, and Union Station is always a super cool place to visit anytime.



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