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I love hanging at the Huntington’s gorgeous Chinese Garden and Music in a Chinese Garden makes it even lovelier. Every shopper is a star at Magnolia Park Night Out. Make friends with bugs at NHM’s Bug Fair. FREE + 1 day + 6 museums = MOTA Day.  Zippity Do Dah! Dance DTLA is back!  Lessons from the Edge packs a powerful and informative punch.  Savor the best seafood in SoCal at The Long Beach Seafood Festival. Yum, Yum! And our expert stylist, Felicia, has two not-to-be-missed LA Style Stories. Got all that Tomatoes?!

May 25. Music in the Chinese Garden

There are many reasons to visit and love The Huntington Museum and Botanical Gardens but their Chinese Garden, aka the Garden of Flowing Fragrance is jaw-droppingly beautiful. And every Wednesday afternoon traditional Chinese music is performed with a different solo musician each week for “Music in the Chinese Garden”. OMG how magical is that?!  Definitely going on my favorites list, Tomatoes!

The 12-acre exquisitely beautiful “Garden of Flowing Fragrance” includes a lake, seven pavilions and five stone bridges, built by more than 60 Suzhou artisans from materials sourced, fabricated, and shipped from China. Add luverly melodies on classical instruments to this incredible landscape and you will be transported to new dimension, Gals

LA Style Stories

Our super-duper LA Stylist, Felicia Arlin, is overjoyed that “They’re Baaaaack!”. Who or what is baaaaak? Well, she will give you the skinny on that and why it makes tickles her heart.  It’s May, Tomatoes, with summer around the corner so it’s time to “Get Your California On”. You gotta love Felicia’s creativity, cleverness, and her informative and valuable professional tips?! She is the expert, Tomatoes! Get the details.

May 21-22. Bug Fair

Bugs get a bad rap because they can be annoying and creepy (eeeekkkk!) but bugs make the world go-round Tomatoes. The Natural History Museums “Bug Fair” just happens to be the biggest bug festival in North America with over 1 million species exhibited including our local LA bugs. I know that the thought might drive you a bit buggy but methinks the kiddos and grand kiddoes or any of the kids in your life will especially love learning all about bugs and why they are so vital to our well-being.

The Bug Fair, with over 50 exhibitors, one-on-one interactions with museum research and collections staff and a variety of activities can help you co-exist more easily with bugs. You’ll gain insight you never had before as to how vital bugs are to our lives and this planet. Of course, hang on to that mosquito repellant, Tomatoes. Tee Hee!

May 24. Lessons from the Edge Virtual Talk

Join Writers Bloc Presents and the Skirball Cultural Center for, “Lessons from the Edge” with former US Ambassador to Ukraine and celebrated Russian expert Marie Yovanovitch.  She possibly knows more about Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky and current Ukraine politics, and President Vladimir Putin than pretty much anyone around. It will be a very revealing and vastly informative conversation, Tomatoes.

Angela Stent, senior adviser to the Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies and professor emerita of government and foreign service at Georgetown University will lead the conversation discussing Marie Yovanovitch’s new book “Lessons from the Edge”, a New York Times best seller. Ambassador Yovanovitch will recount her nonpartisan experience in the Foreign Service, rising to the very top ranks, and serving in hot spots around the world. The story of her time in Ukraine—and being sent home—is harrowing. Ambassador Yovanovitch tells it all through her eyes and experiences, Tomatoes.

May 22. MOTA Day

Six amazing museums located along the famed Arroyo Seco open their doors for “Museums of the Arroyo Day” (MOTA) for a free day of family fun, a diverse mix of art, architectural discoveries, history and a wonderful variety of flora and fauna.  It’s only one day a year.  I’ll say it again… not 1 but 6 museums for free, Tomatoes! Wow!

The “Museums of the Arroyo” include The Gamble House, Heritage Square, the Los Angeles Police Museum, the Lummis Home and Garden, the Pasadena Museum of History, and The Autry’s Historic Southwest Museum Mt. Washington Campus. You can visit one or if you are so inclined you can squeeze them all in without it costing a dime. Ta Da!!

Through September 2. Dance DTLA

“Get Your Groove On,” “Get Down” and “Strut Your Stuff” at The Music Center’s “Dance DTLA” for 11 nights under the stars at the Jerry Moss Plaza, Ladies.  It’s time to trip the light fantastic again with this free dance party for all Angeleno’s, Tomatoes.

Each Friday night features a different dance genre and beginner dance lessons led by top LA dance instructors alongside a live band or DJ.  All ages are welcome to join in and no dance experience is necessary. Remember, all women over 40 rock…literally. So, Rock On, Tomatoes.

May 27. Magnolia Park Night out

Magnolia Park Night Out” is a marvelous opportunity to enjoy evening shopping on a charming street with a quaint small-town feel. This special neighborhood event is filled with unique boutiques and shops, a plethora of restaurants with food from around the world, 15 + food & desert trucks, a local community art fair, live music, and more surprises.  No doubt about it, Tomatoes, Magnolia Park is the place to be!

Magnolia Park is the premiere shopping destination for vintage, re-sale, collectibles and antiques and one-of-a-kind boutiques. “Magnolia Park Night Out” is sponsored by the Magnolia Park Merchants Association and it is such a good way to support the local businesses in this neighborhood, Tomatoes. Have a blast!

May 28. Long Beach Seafood Fest

Seafood loving Tomatoes will be happy to learn that the “Long Beach Seafood Festival” is back and I have one word for you…YUM! This outdoor event, alongside the Lighthouse with a stunning view of the Queen Mary, celebrates the area’s delicious seafood and unique recipes from local chefs to the finest restaurants throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. And everyone is welcome, Tomatoes.



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