LA LIFE INSIDERS GUIDE: BOO!nion, BArtsy, Wetlands, Becoming Jane, Restaurant Fest

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Introducing P-99. LA’s newest mountain lion and she’s definitely a delightful and fine lady. “BOO!nion Station” is back with frightfully, family-friendly Halloween Haunt. Dive headfirst into the world of art with “Becoming Artsy” and the “Becoming Jane” exhibit at NHM examines the evolution of the incredible and heroic conservationist Jane Goodall. The Los Angeles Audubon Society will host “Open Wetlands” at the lovely Ballona Marsh. Restaurant Fest at Eataly LA will serve the best of the season, Tomatoes, …in delish food that is. Ooh, Yum!

Oct 30 and 31. BOO!nion Station

Union Station is back with its family friendly Halloween Hoopla… “Boo!nion Station.” Union Station will transform its already beautiful self and the South Patio grounds for 2 days into a festive party haven for ghosts, goblins, kids, pets, families and Tomatoes to enjoy and celebrate Halloween!

Time to get out your funniest or scariest costume for this free, fun, and ghoulishly gleeful garden Halloween party.  Fuzzy and fun spider forest, Halloween crafts, tarantula tattoos, Monster Mash Dancing, food trucks and, Oh Gosh, mad scientist slime sessions are just a few of devilish activities offered.  Wow! Sounds like it will be a smashing Halloween for all Tomatoes and their families.

Becoming Artsy from the Getty

Becoming Artsy” from the Getty, is a darn cool You Tube series I just recently discovered.  I love how it connects expressing yourself, museums & art with short simple life lessons. It’s very clever and charming but informative, as well, for an art novice like me.  Jessie, the host, helps you “get” art, Tomatoes.  Really!

This show is for anybody who might be worried they aren’t artsy enough. Jessie is a self-proclaimed science-y-person and you can follow along her art journey at the Getty as she shares all she learns along the way.  And you might discover, as Jessie does, some fascinating facts even the artsiest of people may not know.  Tomatoes can find all the “Becoming Artsy” episodes on You Tube and so far there are 5 and all are under 10 minutes.  Hope you enjoy!

November 4 – April 17. Becoming Jane

Experience the fearless determination, curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, and passionate love of the natural world with “Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall,” at NHMLA, produced by National Geographic Museum in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute at NHMLA.  Save your spot to celebrate Jane’s life and be prepared to be inspired, Gals.

With this state-of-the-art exhibition, travel to what is now Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park and explore the journey of world-renowned primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, through immersive experiences and her extraordinary research studying the lives of chimpanzees. They just happen to be our closet living relatives. At 97, she is a leader in community-centered conservation and youth empowerment, which still makes a positive impact in the world.  Bravo Dr. Jane Goodall!  You are at the top of my list of heroic women I admire. Can’t wait to see this exhibit!

November 6. Open Wetlands

You can enjoy “Open Wetlands” at the Ballona Salt Marsh Ecological Reserve with its very special ecosystems and beauty. You don’t have to be an avid birder to enjoy the birds and the wetlands. Just loving nature and the outdoors is good enough. There is limited space so RSVP ASAP, Tomatoes.

You’ll also be able to view aquatic invertebrates through microscopes, learn about Ballona Salt Marsh unique ecosystems, and view birds through powerful spotting scopes along Ballona Creek. It’s free and family friendly, Tomatoes. Such precious spot in Los Angeles.

October 29-November 14.  Restaurant Fest 

Restaurant Fest arrives today (Yahoo!) and Eataly Los Angeles is filling the tables at all their restaurants with the best seasonal ingredients and hand selected wine by the experts to celebrate the fall season. How does “Ravioli di Zucca” with housemade butternut squash-filled ravioli, butter, sage, and Parmigiano Reggiano sound? Holy Moly, I’m hungry, Tomatoes.

 If you love high quality food from artisans at a decent price, then Eataly’s Restaurant Fest is the place to visit and enjoy a marvelous meal.  This energetic, diverse, and tasty marketplace is filled with passion for serving extraordinary food.  For two weeks, enjoy 2-course $25 menus featuring seasonal Italian staples at La Pizza & La Pasta, or treat yourself to a 2-course $49 menu of fire-filled dishes at Terra, their rooftop restaurant. Plus, at Eataly’s restaurants, you can sip on premium wine, starting from $29 a bottle. Wow! I like them prices, Tomatoes.


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