LA LIFE INSIDERS GUIDE: 9/11, ALOUD, Easy Mornings, Playa Vista

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As we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I can think of no better way to honor the day than with a trip to the to the breathtaking “Wave of Flags” Memorial.  “ALOUD’s” new season is getting louder and tackles the theme of reliance.  It all gets a little bit easier with Grand Park’s “Easy Mornings”.  If you have never visited “Playa Vista’s Central Park” now is as good a time as ever to enjoy this gem of a park, Tomatoes. Have a luverly wee.

Through September 25. Wave of Flags Memorial

It is hard to believe that tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. As they have the last 14 years, Pepperdine University honors the victims of 9/11 in its own stunning way with its “Wave of Flags” Memorial. Having visited many times, I can tell you that there is truly no way to adequately describe the “Wave of Flags” installation’s powerful, breathtaking, and heartbreaking beauty as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean with the Malibu Mountains as a backdrop.  You must see it for yourself, Tomatoes.

On the occasion of the tragic day’s 20th anniversary, tomorrow September 11th, Pepperdine University invites all members of the public to this day of remembrance to Honor the Heroes of 9/11.  A day of activities held on the Malibu campus that commemorates the friends, neighbors, and family members lost on that fateful day. A day that we must never ever forget.

The “Waves of Flags” installation features a display of a total of 2,977 full-size flags—2,887 American flags for each American life lost and 90 various international flags representing the home countries of those from abroad who died in the attacks. In addition to the Waves of Flags installation, the University is the permanent home of Heroes Garden, a public space, open all year round, for visitors to reflect and honor all those who live heroic lives. Do yourself a favor gals and head to Pepperdine for this amazing sight.

September 14. ALOUD on Words

The Library Foundation of LA (Ifla) kicks off their fall season of “Aloud on Words” with their theme resilience.  First up…Author Ian Manuel will discuss the “Power of Poetry” with Jessica Strand. It promises to be a powerful and enlightening program, Tomatoes.

In the coming year, ALOUD will examine: How do we manage to survive and blossom in the face of tragedy, controversy, and unrest? Where do we find strength? Their programs will look at individuals who have turned to writing to make sense of their situation, and it is through the written word that each of them has found clarity and resilience in the face of adversity. That’s why it’s called “ALOUD on Words,” Tomatoes.

Through September 24. Easy Mornings

Start your weekend off on Saturday mornings with a calming program featuring family-friendly activities, including arts-based workshops, wellness and dance workshops, public art and live DJ entertainment. “Easy Mornings” has gone from a virtual experience to a live experience in lovely Grand Park, Tomatoes.

And it’s free, no RSVP needed and bringing a picnic is definitely encouraged, Tomatoes.  Grand Park’s “Easy Mornings” also provides Angelenos with opportunities to focus on deepening relationships with self, community and green space. Hitting Grand Park on a Saturday morning sounds like a delightful way to greet the weekend, Tomatoes.

Playa Vista Central Park

I’ve mentioned the remarkable “Playa Vista Central Park” a few years ago but I thought it was time to give it a “Shout Out” again.  Amidst the towers of glass and steel, home to business and creative media icons such as Yahoo, Google, and YouTube lies “Playa Vista Central Park”, a beautiful and unique garden respite that I found simply amazing, Tomatoes.

Of course, being nuts for succulents and drought tolerant plants I would love it with its with its pathways of amazing succulents, cacti & grasses, labyrinths of trees, berm gardens, water features, various sports spaces, a super cool kid’s playground and a band shell for outdoor events. It’s a Wow! The historic Howard Hughes runway once crossed this site and appropriately this park is defined by elongated stripes of color and light with a network of pathways connecting the parks east and west boundaries, visible not only within the Park but also to aircraft landing at the nearby Los Angeles International Airport.

There is truly something for everyone here and, of course, if you are an employee of one of the companies in the area or a resident you are one lucky duck.  Anyone visiting Central Park at Playa Vista will benefit from its inspiring, functional, modern, and very special environment. Might be time for a visit there, Tomatoes.

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