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Sunspot & Storm, from photographer Lorraine Devon Wilke, reflects our stormy weather. Be sure to read the story behind the photo. Lady Penelope  gives uplifting advice and there’s many valuable lessons in Felicia’s LA Style Stories. You can celebrate Women’s History Month with The Getty and the Re:Her Food Fest. The NHM Butterfly Pavilion just opened. Saint Paddy’s Day is next week…oh my. You can geek out at the Meet Us at The Greek Tour. Food trucks abound at Grand Park. What is Community Stitches?  Well, I’ll fill you in on it all, Tomatoes.

Sunspot & Storm

In a nod to the dramatic weather that’s visited our typically sunny Los Angeles over the last many weeks, today’s photo (above) is “Sunspot & Storm.” There feels to be some symbolism in the image of a brilliant shaft of light cracking through the roiled clouds… as if reminding us that even in the darkest moments, the heaviest of storms, a light can still break through.  Thank you Lorraine Devon Wilke for this inspiring photo. It’s a beauty, Tomatoes.

Sonnets From Suburbia

“For the Girls” is one of my fav sonnets from Lady Penelope, aka Penny Peyser, and that sonnet now resides in her brilliant newly released book, “Sonnets from Suburbia: More Candles Than Cake”.  I LOVE it! Get your copy ASAP, Gals! “More Candles than Cake” takes you on a fantastical journey of unique charm, hilarity, insight, wit and inspiration. Penny Peyser’s carefully curated collection of her sonnets will delight all women of a certain age. Her book is a work of pure genius! And “For the Girls” is a perfect example, Tomatoes. Watch the video.

March 13. Attract Abundance.

Who wouldn’t to attract more abundance into your life? Join us for another amazing masterclass with Feng Shui master, Debra Duneier. GET THE DETAILS.

 LA Style Stories

It’s amazing how a simple Trench Coat can elevate your look even in warmer temps. Don’t take my word for it, our LA Stylist Felicia Arlin says so in “In the Trenches” and I believe her. In “Can’t Bare It” you’ll be surprised how you can turn obstacles into opportunities, Tomatoes. And remember, I only highlight a snippet of Felicia’s amazing and inspirational cur8edme posts so be sure to follow her on Instagram. GET THE DETAILS.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with the Getty

There is a plethora of podcasts and articles on the Getty website that asks and answers the most fascinating questions. For example…What was it like to be a woman making art during the feminist and civil rights movements?  What was it like getting your period in the Middle Ages? Yes, I just said that. These are just a sampling of the fascinating stories about women throughout the ages that will spark your imagination and celebrate Women’s History Month from the comfort of your home, Ladies.

Yes, indeed these stories from the experts are illuminating and definitely worth your attention in celebrating Women’s History Month!

  • You can listen watch and explore stories about groundbreaking women artists and celebrate those women artists through time and across the world.
  • What was life like for a woman in the Middle Ages? and though I’m way past getting my period I have never thought about what it must have been like to get your period in the Middle Ages?
  • What was it like to be a woman photographer in the 19th and 20th centuries?
  • And how did women create throughout history

Through March 12.  The RE:HER Food Festival

Celebrate Women’s History Month with food during the third annual “Re:HER (Regarding Her) Food Festival” This festival and the Regarding Her nonprofit supports women-owned food and beverage businesses. Though the festival ends in 3 days, any time is a good time to check out the RE:Her Guide to Los Angeles to visit one or more of these inspired female owned businesses, Tomatoes.

Should be very tasty and a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month. Regarding Her (or Re:HER) is a national non-profit on a mission to advance women-identifying and nonbinary food and beverage entrepreneurs and leaders by way of innovative platforms. RE:Her aims to use their groundswell movement to advance women and non-binary people, the hospitality industry, and society at large. They work to facilitate more equity, inclusion, well-being, and resource accessibility by leveraging our common need for food, connection, and uplifting experiences. An important mission that deserves help if you are so inclined

The Butterfly Pavilion Opens

It might be hard to fathom with all the rain we’ve had but the butterflies are back! At least at The Natural History Museums Butterfly Pavilion. Tomatoes can once again get intimate with these precious creatures for the spring and summer season. Imagine literally being surrounded by hundreds of butterflies taking flight Ladies.  It’s magical!

They regularly fill the pavilion with butterflies from all across the United States so it’s a diverse butterfly paradise. This year they feature hundreds of butterflies–including up to 30 different species–colorful native plants, and plenty of natural light to help you see these incredible creatures shimmer. The Butterfly Pavilion exhibit also showcases a unique ecosystem that gives you a better understanding of the environment needed for butterflies to thrive and survive.  There is just so much to delight and tickle your senses, Tomatoes.

March 19. Meet Us at The Greek: Tours of the Greek Theatre

Led by LA Conservancy Docents, a behind the scenes tour of the iconic Greek theatre sounds absolutely fabulous! The Greek has been home to the most amazing concerts and events for over 90 years. The magic doesn’t just happen on the mainstage but the backstage as well. So, if you want to geek out at the Greek…backstage… you must register now for the one day only “Meet Us at the Greek Tours”.

It will sell out very quickly Tomatoes and I don’t want you to miss out on this rare opportunity. I’m sure the LA Conservancy Docents will have a ton of fascinating facts and fun little-known tidbits to enlighten and surprise you as you walk through the Greek’s historic backstage. And what a history it has, Tomatoes.

Thru September 10.  Community Stitches: Quilt Designs & Stories

Hopefully you all know by now how much I appreciate and adore quilts and the artistry. I’m in awe of the skill and artistry behind their creation. So, the exhibit “Community Stitches: Quilt Designs and Stories” at the Pasadena History Museum piqued my interest in a big way. “Community Stitches” features more than 60 quilts representing over 180 years of quilt-making in America. And, of course, with those glorious quilts come equally glorious stories.

Curated by Arlene Stevens and Leah Zieber of the California Heritage Quilt Project, highlights include treasures from PMH’s extensive textile collection along with select pieces on loan. Visit the exhibit to view the quilts with their hidden stories in the stitches of the past and explore the complex history of quilts made by and for the Pasadena community.

St. Paddy’s Day

On the day when every Tomato and bloke is Irish, you won’t be able to turn a corner where there isn’t a celebration or a pub crawl. But 2 celebrations caught my eye that will be spreading green cheer, Tomatoes.

Angel City Brewery” has got it going on in the arts district and will be serving food and drink specials all day with live music. The pups are welcome and green attire is encouraged. “The Original Farmers Market” in the Fairfax District, has an all-day celebration where you can shop with your favorite vendors, enjoy green beer and authentic Irish food with traditional folk music. Angel City Brewery or The Original Farmers Market will be great ways to mark the Irish occasion, Tomatoes.

Tues-Thurs.  Food Trucks Galore

Just a reminder that foodies and food lovers can chow down at LUNCHTIME 3 days a week with a wonderful array of diverse and delish cuisine from rotating food trucks in Grand Parks’ Olive Court.  What a beautiful place to enjoy a yummy meal. Don’t forget that Grand Park is also known as “Everyone’s Park”. Gotta love it!



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