LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

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This past Sunday we had a wonderful turnout for ‘The Three Tomatoes Hats & Flats Book Signing Garden Party”.  Here are a few highlights. And speaking of a book signing there is another one this week at The Last Bookstore for Janet Neal and her new book “The Superb Woman.” Super is what you can call The Egyptian Theatre’s next film screening for their “Fashion in Film” Series.  If you are in a festive festival tomato mood there are festivals galore and I’ll name a few. The LA River is rolling with joy because it’s recreation zones open for the summer season this weekend.  I hope you have a wonderful three day weekend in honor of Memorial Day. And let’s take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

Hat and Flats Book Signing Garden Party

LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

Debbie Zipp and Cheryl Benton

If I do say so myself, The Hats and Flats Book Signing Garden Party was magical and uplifting.  Not because of me but because of the fabulous accomplished women and a few men that attended. The incredible, gracious and inspiring Cheryl Benton was our esteemed guest of honor for this literary garden party with Cheryl’s new wonderfully written novel “CAN YOU SEE US NOW?” and the vital importance of close friendships in our lives at the heart of it all.

Cheryl’s very well-written novel provided the lovely and amazingly talented actresses, (Penny Peyser, Robin Dearden, Molly Cheek, Nancy Linari and Pat Lentz), reading excerpts from the book with juicy material to work with.  And Penny, Robin, Molly, Nancy and Pat performed so masterfully it made my heart swell with pride watching them and hearing the words of my dear friend and partner Cheryl Benton’s first novel.  As one guest said, “I think Cheryl’s professional background and marketing experience dovetailed nicely with her humor and writing ability to produce a very entertaining novel.” There were tears, laughs, lots of fun, great conversations and hats which made my garden come alive and make the afternoon simply divine.  A big thank you to all the amazing Tomatoes that attended.  It was a total joy and privilege to have you.

GET THE BOOK FOR JUST 99 CENTS. OFFER EXPIRES MAY 29 and price goes back to $8.99

May 30. Superb Woman Book Signing

LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

Janet Neal (reformed “Super Woman”), is the author of “The SuperbWoman: It’s All About the BE”, which is a cleverly written and delightful parable about Bea, stressed out single mom, who goes on a quest to figure out how to have and do it all. Hmmm. Sound familiar Tomatoes? You will thoroughly enjoy attending Janet’s book signing presentation while picking up some “snackable wisdom” at one of the coolest bookstores in LA, The Last Bookstore.

LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

Well, Janet Neal is a Superb Tomato…Tomatoes in from NY and her “SuperbWoman” has a delightful, sleek and entertaining approach to passing along the key steps to positive personal transformation. Each chapter ends with a lesson learned, and by the end of the book, Janet has gifted each Tomato excellent advice, like forgiveness, gratitude, and getting rid of the “should”, which will help women of all ages and stages to live our lives more fully – just add the “BE”. Tickets are only $10 and that includes the book !!!

May 26. Fashion and Film: 1940’s

LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

The Egyptian Theatre and American Cinematheque are presenting “The Postman Always Rings Twice” on their big movie screen in the way this film was meant to be seen.  Plus, Kimberly Truhler, founder of GlamAmore and frequent guest speaker on the history of fashion in film, will be presenting her “History of Fashion in Film” series celebrating the 1940’s and the Filmnoir Femmes and other style icons of the time that influenced fashion at the time and continues today. Sounds like a fascinating walk down memory lane in film, fashion and style.

Kimberly Truhler studied film and costume design history for 20 years, so I’d say she is an expert Tomato on the subject, ladies.  Truhler’s illustrated presentation on the intersection of fashion and film in the WWII era includes movie stills and images from today’s fashion accompanied by a conversation about film history, costume and fashion designers, and fascinating backstories of such stars as Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner and Lana Turner. Wow! And afterward Tomatoes get to watch Lana Turner and John Garfield scorch the screen as a pair of murderous lovers in “The Postman Always Rings Twice” which premiered at the Egyptian in 1946. How cool is that?!

Festivals Galore

LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

Memorial Day weekend is chock full of festivals.  You’ve got your Valley Greek Festival in Northridge, Fiesta Hermosa in…yep Hermosa Beach and Topanga Days in Topanga Canyon and each one gives you a taste of something different from the other but they all sound fun and festive ladies.

It’s all Greek but you don’t have to be Greek to enjoy the “Valley Greek Festival’ in Northridge. It’s only $3 to attend and both kids and adults over 65 are FREE!  Since 1972, the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce has produced “Fiesta Hermosa”, the largest arts & crafts fair in SoCal, over 400 hundred vendors gals, with the ocean as the backdrop to boot.   For those in need of a nostalgic Bohemian feeling “Topanga Days” definitely meets those needs amongst the beauty of Topanga Canyon.

May 28. River Fun

LA LIFE: Garden Party, Superb Woman, Fashion & Film, River Fun, Festivals Galore  

Well, ladies, the LA River Recreation Zones, Elysian Valley and the Sepulveda Basin and the Frog Spot will be hoppin’ with loads of fun when they reopen this Memorial Day Monday. Yipee!  They provide access to recreate and explore the Los Angeles River with activities including boating, fishing, bird watching and kayaking. The flora, fauna and wildlife will remind you that it is, indeed, a real flourishing river Tomatoes.

Frog Spot is the beautiful entry point to the wonders of our city’s revitalized river and Folar, Friends of the Los Angeles River, funds this community oasis on the LA River.  A great place to celebrate Memorial Day weekend and your summer tomatoes. They are bringing back everything that people loved before plus live music, community yoga, literary and educational events. Friends of the LA River partners with LA River Kayak Safari to make Kayak trips available so everyone can enjoy a nature, rapids, wildlife and a kayak adventure smack dab in the middle of an urban jungle starting Monday May 28. Not to worry tomatoes I hear these guided kayak tours are perfect for beginners and the rapids are mild enough for everyone.  That includes you gals. Let’s get hoppin’ gals.



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