LA LIFE: Donuts, Dancing, Mad Woman, & Shopping

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Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Oh yeah baby! It is “Donut Day” tomorrow. Time to get your groove on tomatoes because “Dance Downtown” has returned to the Music Center. There’s a super duper sample sale coming up with 70% off Designer clothing if shopping is on your tomato mind.  Wow, there’s a madwoman in town and she’s in a Volvo at The Last Bookstore! Would I kid you ladies?!

 Dance Downtown All Summer

LA LIFE: Donuts, Frozen, Dancing, Mad Woman, & Shopping

It’s always good to shake your booty gals and the Music Center makes it possible to dance on Friday nights this summer. Just start jiggling to the music and trip the light fantastic under the stars with the Salsa, Samba, Tango and a variety of moves at this free dance party for all of Los Angeles. Remember, women over 40 rock…literally.

All ages welcome and no experience necessary. The next up is June 24 with the two step and line dancing so you might want to slip on your cowgirl boots tomatoes. Grab some yummy specials for your picnic basket at Grand Central Market’s extended Summer Nights hours and hop on the free Downtown Concierge Shuttle over to The Music Center!

June 13. Madwoman in a Volvo

LA LIFE: Donuts, Frozen, Dancing, Mad Woman, & Shopping

Sandra Tsing Loh, of NPR and KPCC fame, will be discussing the 3 M’s at The Last Bookstore on Monday.  What are the 3 M’s ladies?  Well…menopause, middle-age and motherhood.  Sound familiar tomatoes? While in the midst of Sandra’s mid-life change, she wrote an essay which turned into her memoir “The Madwoman in a Volvo” which then became a stage play. Tomatoes can join the conversation with Sandra as she shares her remarkable journey at The Last Bookstore.

You must RSVP to this cool author presentation gals. It’s a great chance to purchase her book so she can sign your copy.  Variety selected Sandra Tsing Loh as one of America’s 50 most influential comedians. “The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones” was selected as one of The New York Times’ 100 Most Notable Books, and the play version received development support from Sundance Theatre Lab and Ojai Playwrights Conference and now playing at The Pasadena Playhouse.  Don’t forget “The Last Bookstore” is super cool too ladies.

June 18. Sample Sale 

LA LIFE: Donuts, Frozen, Dancing, Mad Woman, & Shopping

Heads up Tomatoes! There are a multitude of designer apparel and accessories available at this sale DTLA so you might just want to add it to your calendar.  Shopping is always fun and a sale at a downtown café  is the best kind of combo. 

Donut Party June 11th

LA LIFE: Donuts, Frozen, Dancing, Mad Woman, & Shopping

The thought of the best donuts in town all under one roof at the Avalon Hollywood has driven me to distraction fellow sugar lovers!  Time Out is celebrating this lusciously delicious fried treat with samplings of different varieties from an array of restaurants, bakeries and donut shops.  Oh my I wish I had a donut …glazed…I want a glazed donut right now! I will just have to wait till Saturday just like all of you tomatoes. 

Of course there will be coffee to go with your donuts or complimentary hard cider.  With that in mind you no kiddos allowed.  Sounds like a terrific way to pig out tomatoes with the best in fried and sweet. We all deserve that once in a while ladies!


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