LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

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LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

When we think of observatories in Los Angeles Griffith Park Observatory usually comes to mind first. However, we must never forget about the magnificence of the Mount Wilson Observatory, so you might want to catch their last of the season “Afternoon Concerts in the Dome”.  Holy Moly Tomatoes! The “Los Angeles Chocolate Salon” is back and that’s worth a double swoon. And a reminder about the “The Style of Sin” talks & screenings series at The Aero Theatre with the next one focusing on Marlene Dietrich. The Huntington’s Centennial Celebration kicks off with the major exhibition “Nineteen Nineteen.” Wow! The Huntington is 100 hundred years old Tomatoes!

Sept 29.  Marlene Dietrich

LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

I just don’t want you Tomatoes to miss out on the  “The Style of Sin 1930-1934: Precode Film with Kimberly Truhler” screening and speaker series in collaboration with American Cinemathque.  Marlene Dietrich is the next femme fatale film star to be highlighted with a double feature of her films, preceded by an illuminating and fascinating talk from the iconic film and fashion historian Kimberly Truhler. It truly looks fascinating, fun and risqué Tomatoes!

Kimberly Truhler, who has just become the Executive Director of the historic Women’s Club of Hollywood, knows her stuff and can open our eyes to the Pre-Code Era of Hollywood and how iconic costume design influences fashion today. The two films starring Marlene Dietrich that will be screening after the talk are the classics, “Morroco” and “Shanghai Express.” Tomatoes will also learn about the costume designers themselves – how they contributed to the style of the studios along with the evolution of the actresses’ careers and personal style.  As a heads up, the next installment in the series will be for Carole Lombard on Sunday, October 27. What a delightful way to spend time with a friend or two Tomatoes. 

Nineteen Nineteen

LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

Curious what happened in the world 100 years ago? Explore the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens Centennial major exhibit show “Nineteen Nineteen,” to learn about the momentous world events that shaped history in 1919. I think that’s a Wow Tomatoes.

In 1919 and in the aftermath of World War I, Henry and Arabella Huntington signed the trust document that would transform their property into a public institution. One important year in more than one way.  More than 250 objects (rare books, posters, letters, photographs, diaries, paintings, sculpture and more) from the Huntington’s library, art and botanical collections will be on display with this Centennial exhibition that is organized into five themes “Fight, Return, Map, Move, and Build” to tell the story of the Huntington’s Founders within the context of national and international events in the year of 1919. I do believe this is worth a visit and it is just the beginning of a plethora of Centennial celebrations the Huntington has planned Tomatoes.

Sept 29. Chocolate Salon

LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

Attention Chocolate Aficionados and Fanatics!  I have two words for you…Chocolate Salon! “The Los Angeles Chocolate Salon” is returning for its 13th year so get ready to taste and indulge to your heart’s desire with a curated selection of some of the finest artisan, gourmet and premium chocolates that exist in the world of chocolate!  Oh, my Tomatoes hand me a hanky I might drool!

My passion for chocolate is beyond description (can’t get through a day without it) so this epic chocolate event featuring the best of the best in chocolatiers and confectioners is a no brainer.  Your ticket includes free chocolate tastings Tomatoes. You might even find some yummy chocolate gifts to hide away for holiday giving at The Chocolate Salon, Tomatoes.  Just don’t you eat them first!

LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

Oct. 6. Mount Wilson Concerts

LA Life: Dome Concert, LA Chocolate, Sin Style, Nineteen

Above the clouds on Angeles Crest Highway sits the Mount Wilson Observatory with one of two largest telescopes in the world. On Sunday October 6 the final “Afternoon Concert in the Dome” of the Summer Season will feature Mozart and Brahms Quintets for Clarinet and Strings with World renown clarinetist Pierre Génisson and 4 other French musicians.  Now that is impressive and exciting Tomatoes.

What a treat to listen to Mozart and Brahms by incredible musicians under the artistic direction of Cécilia Tsan, while in this modern-day temple to science towering above Pasadena. There will also be a Wine and Cheese reception with the artist between the 3pm and 5pm performances and all attendees are welcome to attend Tomatoes.  It’s is such a darn cool event Tomatoes and the last before next May so I’d get your tickets now before it sells out.


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