LA LIFE: Craft Fair, Origami, Lunch Concerts, Bird Day, Hats & Flats

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The “Echo Park Craft Fair” starts today and it’s all about shopping, eating and imbibing. And Grand Park is making lunchtime special. Looking for something free and artistic to do with the kiddoes on Mother’s Day Weekend? Well, look no further for celebrations all around town. And the “Hats and Flats” Celebration of Cheryl Benton’s “Can You See Us Now?” is right around the corner too.

May 12.  Bird Day LA

LA LIFE: Craft Fair, Origami, Lunch Concerts, Bird Day, Hats & FlatsAs the “birdiest” city in the country is it no wonder that we have “Bird Day LA” with a plethora of cool ways to enjoy it? This dedicated day is not only to celebrate our LA biodiversity and the 500+ species of our precious feathered friends but to show people that LA has an extremely vibrant bird world that plays a key role in our ecosystem. Yeah! So, bird loving and watching Tomatoes will be happy to know there are a ton, and I mean a ton, of “LA Bird Day” events something for everyone and everywhere and no experience necessary ladies.

You might be asking why we have such aviary abundance.  Well ladies, LA County lies along the Pacific Flyway, a major north-south route for migratory birds in America. In spring and fall, the region plays host to hundreds of millions of birds coming through Southern California on their way back to breeding grounds in the north or wintering grounds in the south. So, in a nutshell we have an array of local habitats — ocean, shore, wetlands, desert, mountains, back yards, foothills and lakes.  That’s why Tomatoes.


LA LIFE: Craft Fair, Origami, Lunch Concerts, Bird Day, Hats & FlatsThe “Echo Park Craft Fair” is an art and design event at the Mack Sennett Studios, featuring work by over 120 artists. That’s a lot! The finest innovators will be showcasing a vast variety of mediums.  And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there will be delish artisan foods, and coffees from the best in town and special cocktails served on Sunday to honor Mother’s Day. All to satisfy your shopping, foodie and drinking appetites.

You can feast your eyes upon one-of-a-kind ceramics, weavings, jewelry, clothing, perfumery woodworking, fabric art and the list goes on and on tomatoes. “As the Fair grows it’s important to remember what it’s all about – we’re women and artists who are supporting each other, validating each other’s vision, laughing, creating and struggling together. No matter where it all goes, how much it grows – it has to remain about that sense of community and fostering a greater sense of beauty in the world.” So, says EPCF Co-Founder Rachel Craven.  I love the sound of that gals!

May 17. Lunchtime Concerts

LA LIFE: Craft Fair, Origami, Lunch Concerts, Bird Day, Hats & FlatsIt’s LUNCHTIME at Grand Park Tomatoes! “Lunchtime Concerts” give young Angelino artists a place to voice their creativity and expressions through music and anyone can enjoy. Grand Park provides these programs, but the food trucks provide the wonderful lunch. Yahoo!

Lunchtime Concerts happen every Thursday with an eclectic array of music.  Don’t forget Tomatoes that Grand Park aka Everyone’s Park and they are very good at giving a good dose of creativity in a beautiful setting. Grand Park deserves a big pat on the back.

May 12 & 13. The Origami Garden

LA LIFE: Craft Fair, Origami, Lunch Concerts, Bird Day, Hats & Flats

Get ready to have fun and be inspired during this origami adventure weekend. Join physicist and world-renowned origami artist Robert J. Lang as he creates large, life-like paper animals and insects. Enjoy free, drop-in origami making Tomatoes and you don’t have to take a kid to enjoy.

Learn how to fold paper flowers and other garden creatures. Add your creations to the beautiful Origami Garden installation and watch it grow! It is all done in conjunction with the “Cut! Paper Play” in the Contemporary Photography Exhibition

May 20. Hats & Flats Book Signing Garden Party

LA LIFE: Craft Fair, Origami, Lunch Concerts, Bird Day, Hats & FlatsThe Head Tomato is heading to Los Angeles to celebrate her novel, Can You See Us Now?  And you can enjoy a lovely afternoon in Lady Deborah’s (aka Debbie Zipp) Chatsworth Garden with music, tasty bites, delish refreshments, good company, a “Best Hat Contest” and a program of selected excerpts from Cheryl’s booked performed by esteemed actresses outdoors. If you’d like an invite to Lady Deborah’s private event, email

It will be a fun and entertaining celebration of women and their enduring friendships According to Lady Deborah’s hand maiden, hats and flats are best suited for ladies in this home garden. A copy of “CAN YOU SEE US NOW”, signed by Cheryl, will be available for purchase for just $10! If you have already purchased a copy, bring it and Cheryl will sign it.


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