LA LIFE: Bread, Body Traffic, Fashion, Angel City, Psychic

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OMG! It’s June Tomatoes!  Did someone say “Bread”? The yummy “Bread Festival” …or should I say “Carb Overload Festival” is back at the Grand Central Market. There’s still time Tomatoes to catch one of the hottest dance ensembles in LA at the Wallis tonight or tomorrow. The Art Deco Society has something really cool coming up and I believe it will sell out fast. You can enjoy beautiful and thrilling music from the Angel City Chorale.  And psychic medium, Marla Frees, will be at Vitellos’ celebrating the release of her novel, “American Psychic.” Enjoy this first week of June Ladies.

June 1-2. Body Traffic

LA LIFE: Bread, Body Traffic, Fashion, Angel City, Psychic

BODYTRAFFIC is back home performing at the Wallis to celebrate their 10-year anniversary Tomatoes.  They have traveled the globe (an international tour to more than 20 cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and The Hague) as L.A.’s most invigorating, thought provoking, eclectic dance ambassadors. They have earned a reputation for sharing the sheer joy of dance with audiences through commissions from today’s most sought-after choreographers. Aren’t we proud Tomatoes?!

Body Traffic will present the world premiere of “A Million Voices”, set to eight smoldering Peggy Lee songs, by Matthew Neenan, former principal dancer of Pennsylvania Ballet and co-founder of Ballet X. Also featured is an excerpt by Stijn Celis from Fragile Dwellings, dedicated to the homeless in Los Angeles and will also include “Beyond the Edge of the Frame” by Sidra Bell and many more unique presentations.

Body Traffic, which has helped establish Los Angeles as a major center for contemporary dance, has surged to the forefront of the concert dance world, recruiting great talent from around the globe to create world-class contemporary dance by distinctive choreographic voices.


June 2-3. Bread Festival

LA LIFE: Bread, Body Traffic, Fashion, Angel City, Psychic

Well the Grand Central Market is to blame for hosting this celebration of SoCal’s artisanal bread renaissance and the many flavors of the very best of LA bread for the 4th year.  And they are very sly to make it free gals. Oh, what the heck, bread lovers have at it!  OH GEEZ! There’s a butter making workshop too!

Guest bakers will cover artisan bread making at home, beginning bread making, pita, biscuits and challah plus community bread baking. Antigua Artisan Bread, Bub & Grandma’s, Challah Hub, Ensaymada Project, The Speakeasy Bakery, Red Bread, The Underground Bakery and Los Angeles Bread Bakers will be the vendors tempting us tomatoes with the delicious tastes and aromas of…bread.  And let’s not forget the nut butter and jam makers. Have mercy!

June 2-3. Angel City Chorale

LA LIFE: Bread, Body Traffic, Fashion, Angel City, Psychic

Featuring music from Ireland, Nepal, Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and more, Angel City Chorale’s “One World Many Voices II” promises to be their most exciting and culturally convergent performance yet. Plus, this 160+ community choir with its unique choral theatrics and vibrant diversity is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a few stunning guests Tomatoes.

Come hear gorgeous pieces like “A Thousand Beautiful Things” by celebrated singer-songwriter Annie Lennox, the rhythmic and lilting “Samba Do Avião” by Antônio Carlos Jobim, and a brand-new work by Grammy Award-winner Christopher Tin commissioned especially for this concert, as well as the perennial favorite “Africa” by Toto. This will be quite a treat to experience ladies.

June 3. American Psychic

LA LIFE: Bread, Body Traffic, Fashion, Angel City, Psychic

It’s a launch party Tomatoes for the inspiring and compelling book, “American Psychic”.  Who doesn’t like a party, especially at Vitello’s, and the author, Marla Frees, happens to be an incredible psychic and will not only be celebrating her new book but will be sharing her psychic medium gifts with the audience.  Wow! I know from personal experience Marla is amazing. And her novel is a winner, so, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity ladies.

Psychically, Marla is able to see, hear, and feel information that provides truly unique insight about any aspect of a person’s life… their family, health, work, home, relationships, and even pets! Marla is a well-respected and well-known psychic medium that has been used by Homicide Detectives and has appeared as a psychic medium on A&E, Bravo, History Channel, SyFy, TV Land and Gaia TV’s “Beyond Belief” with George Noory.  “American Psychic” by Marla Frees tells about Marla’s spiritual journey of a small-town girl who develops her psychic gifts and her spiritual transformation takes us into realms that will astonish and heal.

June 10. Vintage Fashion Show

LA LIFE: Bread, Body Traffic, Fashion, Angel City, Psychic

Any Tomatoes remember LA’s leading luxury department store, Bullocks Wilshire?  Well, I sure do.  It was something else with a department for absolutely everything.  The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles takes you back in time to the Art Deco Era, when Bullocks Wilshire was where the movie stars flocked to shop, with a simply divine vintage fashion show ladies.  It is only for Members Tomatoes so you might just want to join to get in to this event.

Membership prices are extremely reasonable considering all the perks you receive. The show will highlight the many fashions that the well-dressed man or woman might require – from decadent evening attire for a night out at the Coconut Grove (from The Evening Room) to Resort Wear to romp in on Catalina Island (from the Playdeck). Following the fashion show there will be a docent-led tour of the famous Bullocks Wilshire Tea Room, Lobby and 2nd Floors, including Mr. Bullocks’ private dining room and office. Plus, an historic photo and fashion and accessories display in the Tea Room. Interiors that the public normally do not get to see. Wow! Book NOW ladies! The Bullocks Wilshire building was completed in 1929 for owner John G. Bullock and is on the National Registry of Historic Places and is Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument #56.



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