LA LIFE: Barn Dance, Beatlemania, USO Bash

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A very Happy 4th of July tomatoes and a very Happy Birthday to America! Did someone say a Barn Dance? If you are looking for a different way to spend the 4th then Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum is throwing an honest to goodness old-fashioned barn dance. For another Independence Day Celebration like no other, send yourself to the 1940’s era gals with the Clifton’s Canteen tribute to the USO Shows of WWII. Yep, it is the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles final tour in the colonies and The Grammy Museum has pulled out all the stops in celebration.

July 4. Barn Dance  

LA LIFE: Barn Dance, Beatlemania, USO Bash

Slap your knee and kick up your heels tomatoes, just like the good ole days, with a real barn dance on America’s b-day at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum.  There’s even a pie eating contest, a cake walk and a watermelon seed spitting contest dag nab it!  You are never too old or too young to enjoy a down-home Barn Dance and old-fashioned fun in beautiful Topanga Canyon ladies, especially when you are a hot tomato.

Renowned multi-instrumentalist and traditional dance caller Evo Bluestein will be the master calling the shots during the lively hoe-down and for all you Ukulele lovin’ tomatoes Topanga Ukulele Revival will be performing along with other unique live music.  Of course there’ll be a barbecue and other fixin’s, snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine…and various and sundry treats. Plenty to keep your bellies full and your spirits happy gals. Get your tickets.

July 2-3. USO Bash

LA LIFE: Barn Dance, Beatlemania, USO Bash

Celebrate 4th of July by dressing in your 1940 duds and flashing back to an era where big bands ruled ladies.  Enjoy the nostalgic sights and the popular music of this time with the sweet sounds of the Andrew Sisters, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and more. CAC Studios and Clifton’s Cafeteria have collaborated to bring this immersive and super lively USO Bash to Clifton’s Canteen for the holiday weekend. A great way to… “swing in” America’s b-day tomatoes.

The newly restored Clifton’s, originally built in 1931 in DTLA, is the perfect venue for this new nonstop musical journey because it was known during World War II for offering troops free and discounted food. And, of course, they will honor all Active Military and Veterans with free admission  to Clifton’s time travel experience tomatoes.

July 1-Sept. 5. Beatlemania

LA LIFE: Barn Dance, Beatlemania, USO Bash

Gals, do you remember when the Beatles first arrived in the US?  Well, this loved-crazed Beatle fan does and some say rock and roll was saved that day. The 50th anniversary celebration starts today at the Grammy Museum where the Beatles arrival is honored with the exhibit “Ladies and Gentleman… The Beatles”.  More than 400 pieces of memorabilia, recordings, videos and photos of the captivating musicians, and the frenzy that followed them will be showcased. Now’s your chance tomatoes to revisit the years of Beatlemania.

Curated by the GRAMMY Museum and Fab Four Exhibits, who have created and orchestrated a museum experience by top Beatles collectors and experts, present “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!”. This exhibit provides fresh new insight into how and why The Beatles impacted America in the 1960s—and beyond. They certainly made history ladies.


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