Jennifer Parker at the Whitney and Diamonds at the AMNH

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Jennifer Parker at the Whitney

The Whitney Museum has a very interesting exhibit of the works of Jennifer Parker:  The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing. Strange title, huh?  But it is worth seeing.  It’s the largest solo exhibit of her work to date.  It’s intimate paintings and Renderings of her friends, family, flowers, evoking the history of portraiture and still life.  Her paintings and drawings Combine observation, memory and improvisation.  It’s on until April so go see it. GET THE DETAILS.

Diamonds are a Tomato’s Best Friend

Do any of you Tomatoes like diamonds?  All right, don’t all answer at once.  The American Museum of Natural History is having an exhibit of the Okavango Blue Diamond, on loan from the Republic of Botswana’s Okavango Diamond Co.  It’s part of an exhibit of ethically sourced diamonds.  You will enjoy it but I warn you, you’ll be jealous. GET THE DETAILS.


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