Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

I know, I know, most parts of the country are sweltering while we wander through the fog in the dog days of summer. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy that favorite summery treat. Of course we do nothing ordinary here in SF, and ice cream is no exception. Following are a few of my favorite finds – bring your mittens!

San Francisco Hometown Creamery

Ice Cream

We have wine flights and beer flights so why not enjoy an ice cream flight? That’s what San Francisco’s Hometown creamery (in the inner sunset) offers with their “farm to cone” ever-changing flavors.  Five mini scoops let you sample from such delights as Strawberry Balsamic, Caipirinha Sorbet, Dixie Delight or Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge and a whole lot more.  Head here now.

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


Ice Cream

If you have not indulged in one of these liquid nitrogen created frozen treats, there are now 8 bay area locations with two more opening soon. No more excuses as it is time to taste ice cream created from Brrr! What is brrr? A one-of-a-kind ice cream machine that makes the smoothest, densest, and most flavorful ice cream, from scratch, to order, in minutes. Mouth watering creaminess in cookie dough with pretzels and chocolate is my fav. Or maybe it’s July’s nectarine crisp, or Earl Grey with milk chocolate chips….oh you choose! Cold treats here.

Frozen Kuhsterd

Ice Cream

Hopefully your twitter is up to date as that is how you will need to locate this “west coast style” frozen custard food truck. Innovative flavors have led this truck to become one of the highest rated dessert trucks. Magically delicious, (I think there are elves hiding in the truck) the consistency is perfection. You literally will not believe the flavors. Not only do they have pure flavors but they have unusual treats including salt & pepper potato chip. They thrash shattered potato chips into the custard base. Who doesn’t love sweet and salt?  They also have the following flavors, and no I am not kidding; sweet corn, avocado, black sesame, saikyo miso, and oh so many more. Fortunately, they will soon be opening a brick and mortar in the mission. I’m counting on many hot days ahead – I have to try them all!  Follow that truck.


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