I loved The Lifespan Of a Fact, now playing at Studio 54

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I loved The Lifespan Of a Fact, now playing at Studio 54

photo credit: Peter Cunningham

Funny, insightful, provocative, The Lifespan of A Fact features three accomplished actors who clearly love the text and intent of this well written play.

In an era of “fake news” this piece penned by Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell hits the nail on the head. An ambitious, wanting-to-please intern is given the opportunity to comb over an essay (don’t call it an article) and check the information for accuracy.

The editor who has bestowed this plum assignment on the intern is a tough cookie. She is excited by the piece, and wants the results on her desk by Monday morning, under deadline to get it to press.

The young intern, Jim Fingal, masterfully played by Daniel Radcliffe, with an awesome and flawless American accent, takes on this project in a super big way.

He reaches out to the writer, John D’Agata, who, shall we say, has no interest in helping out. This communication escalates, and Emily is brought into the mix. (By the way there really is a John D’Agata and Jim Fingal, and in fact, the play is based on the essay/book written by the two.)

So, some of the facts in the essay are true-ish. Does it really matter if it’s not a cold, solid fact?
In the end, does it even make a difference, in terms of the context of the whole story?

You decide.

Bobby Cannavale is perfectly cast as John, as is Cherry Jones, who plays the editor.  Along with  the fabulous Daniel Radcliffe, it’s just those three in the cast, and I can only imagine how fun the rehearsals were!

Although it is too early to predict, look for The Lifespan of a Fact to receive a whole lot of nominations, come awards season. But hurry, it’s only around until January 13.

A crisp 85 minutes, with no intermission, this Leigh Silverman directed play is a satisfying ride.





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