How to Make Your “Home Sweet Home” High Rise Safer

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by Sharon Marantz Walsh

How to Make Your "Home Sweet Home" Highrise Safer

I am so used to being proactive, just don’t know how to sit back and do nothing but bemoan our fate without at least trying to make some sort of difference.

NYC has closed down.  These are perilous times.  We all are aware of the facts and sadly we are told they will worsen. A lot of what is happening, in fact most of what is happening, is out of our control.

But there are things that we can and should be proactive with besides social distancing , quarantines and not hoarding toilet paper.

Most of NYC is comprised with high rise buildings, co-ops, condos, rentals etc.  We as a group of inhabitants do not have the luxury of controlling the sanitary conditions of our domiciles, a frustration for us all.

Here are a few suggestions that our buildings can put in place now that can in some way make “home sweet home” an overall safer place to be.

1.  All common areas should be disinfected at minium twice a day. 

  This should include laundry rooms, machines, sink and tables.

2.  To include all elevators buttons inside the elevators and on each floor,

3. Incinerator door handle, incinerator handle, hand railings on the stairwell as well as entrance and exit door knobs on each floor.

4. It is also suggested that deliveries, including newspapers, should be left in the lobby to limit the amount of extra people coming into the building.  If someone is incapacitated, the paper could be sent up to them.

5. Another suggestion is to make one person on each floor responsible to make sure that the sanitary conditions on their individual floor is met.

 Who knows what the next few months will bring, nothing is certain right now, but even using roof tops to plant vegetables co-op style would be helpful if there is indeed a shortage.

It would also be most helpful if the city could offer a mandatory directive to be followed, in office buildings as well.

How to Make Your "Home Sweet Home" Highrise Safer

And here’s a suggestion for that TP shortage – try a bidet. I just ordered the Tussy which gets rave reviews.

How to Make Your "Home Sweet Home" Highrise Safer
It’s on back order til April 20, but well worth ordering now.

Sharon Marantz Walsh has served as a spokeswoman, appeared on television, radio and other media outlets for many not-for-profit Foundations, securing celebrity endorsements, significant funding, and sales, as well as in-kind gifts for auctions from high profile vendors, such as: Piaget, Bulgari, Harry Winston, J. Mendel, etc.

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Health Experts & Advocates offer excellent advice and resources.

Health Experts

Health Experts & Advocates offer excellent advice and resources.

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  1. Sydney Barrows says:

    Do you have any guidelines in the hopefully unlikely event we end up in the hospital or one of those field hospitals? Lip balm, facial moisturizer, eye drops for dry eyes and ointment for night time? An eye mask so you can sleep with all those lights they never turn off?

    What about cell phones? Is there still a ban on using them around hospital equipment and if so, how do we stay in contact with the outside world? Will there be outlets in the field hospitals so they can be charged?

    These are important questions and there isn’t anyone I know of to answer them.

    Thank you.

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