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As I sit in horror watching the events unfolding in Afghanistan my heart is breaking, but I know we can always do something big or small to make a diffence. For years, I have personally been involved in global organizations, including UN Women and Plan International, that protect and supports the rights of women and girls in some of the worst places on earth to be a female. Sadly now, one of those places is Afghanistan, a place where women and girls had made real progress over the past twenty years. I fear for their families and their safety.  And while it’s easy to feel hopeless, we can help by supporting organizations that are fighting to help the Afghan people. Here is a list of vetted organizations.

Afghan Women’s Fund

Emergency Appeal For Funds from the Director 

I am writing with a broken heart about the new wave of brutality and chaos that has overtaken Afghanistan as the Taliban have rushed back into power. It is horrifying and surreal to see the images of people fleeing across the airport tarmac, trying to climb onto planes and falling in their desperation to escape the atrocities that lie ahead. The life of every Afghan is at risk, especially women and children, and we stand together with them in solidarity and support.

Throughout the country, women and children are being displaced, losing their homes, experiencing rape, torture, and murder, and fleeing violence. Although some mosques have opened their doors to these homeless families, many are living on the streets, experiencing hunger, thirst, brutal heat by day, and savage cold at night. As an organization, we are initiating an emergency appeal for funds to help these families. The money will be used to provide for their immediate needs: food, shelter, clothing, blankets, tents, toiletries, and medical care.

As I write these words, I can’t stop crying about the horrific news that has been pouring in over the last couple of days. For example, I found out that the young daughter of one of our volunteers was killed. Whole families that I’m personally acquainted with–some of them have been volunteers in our programs–are missing, while others are now on the street.  My phone has not stopped ringing and the stories I hear are overwhelming.

I beg from the bottom of my heart for you to open up your hearts to the women and children of Afghanistan during this crisis. Any donation will be appreciated.  You can donate by clicking on the link:

Fahima Gaheez

Save the Children

Save the Children is gravely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of children in Afghanistan. As violence sweeps through the country, children are being killed, injured and forced to flee their homes. We have been a leading charity in Afghanistan since 1976, reaching over 1.6 million Afghans in 2020. We will not abandon our work, staff, or the communities we’ve served. Our commitment to protecting children remains unchanged.

International Rescue Committee: The International Rescue Committee has called for “much-needed funds to ensure our teams can continue to deliver lifesaving aid in conflict areas,” in addition to providing emergency assistance, “protection services for internally displaced people in Kabul” and more.

GlobalGiving’s Afghanistan Emergency Fund:GlobalGiving, an organization that connects nonprofits to donors and companies, has launched an emergency fundraiser for “vetted nonprofits working in the region” to give support to groups on the ground in Afghanistan.

World Help: World Help is working with Afghan partners whose “main priority now is getting food and water to refugees who are temporarily settled out in the open with no shelter until they can be relocated to camps.”

Child Foundation: Child Foundation has launched an Afghanistan Crisis Fund for families in the country. According to its website, the group has already raised more than $15,000 and sent it to feed 300 families.


The United Nations Refugee agency has been working to help those fleeing Afghanistan seek refuge in bordering and nearby countries. The UNHCR has been monitoring and continues to monitor the needs of refugees fleeing the country, and has been calling on neighboring countries to keep borders open for those seeking asylum.



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