How to Find a Swimsuit You’ll Love

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The weather is getting warmer and if you’re like me you are already dreaming of taking a swim, relaxing along a shoreline, or sipping a summery drink by your pool. That can only mean one thing: swimsuit season is almost here! Unfortunately, the idea of shopping for a new bathing suit fills a lot of women with dread. It brings up flashbacks of poorly lit dressing rooms, of having to settle for ill-fitting suits, or of embarrassing style choices we’d prefer to forget. Thankfully, swimwear has come a long way, and so have we. So relax! Searching for a great suit that makes you look and feel your best can be a fun experience, especially now that you can shop online with ease and try on prospective suits in the comfort and privacy of your home. Here are some tips to make shopping for your next swimsuit a breeze.

Look for a swimsuit in your WOW color. You probably already know and love your WOW color. It’s the shade that you are wearing when others tell you that you’re glowing or that you look amazing. It’s the color that makes you feel energized and cheerful. For some, that color is teal or lime. For others, it’s navy or a soft blue (remember, not all WOW colors are bold, as some people look best in more subdued tones). One of my personal favorite WOW colors that I love to wear is orange. Give me a bright orange bathing suit, a sunny day, and a shoreline and I couldn’t ask for more! Alternately, you can choose a swimsuit in a WOW print—an eye-catching print that puts you in a great mood when you wear it, such as animal print, polka dots, or florals.

Choose a quality swimsuit brand. We usually get what we pay for and bathing suits are no exception. That’s why it pays to spend a little more money up front on a quality suit. You will be able to use it for years to come and a well-made suit that gives you figure-flattering support and confidence is worth every penny. A few swimwear brands I love and trust are Profile by Gottex, La Blanca, and Tommy Bahama.

Pick a suit with good support. The best bathing suits feature well-designed support solutions. For bust support look for a suit with cushioned straps, underwire cups, and an adjustable clasp closure in the back. Many suits also feature shapewear for a flattering fit. Additionally, ruching along the front of a suit creates a slimming effect. Finally, you can use color blocking, patterns, and the cut of the suit itself to draw attention to certain areas and camouflage others.

Make sure the fit is good. When you try on swimwear it should feel snug but not restrictive. The top should provide the coverage you desire and your bust should feel supported. The bottom half of the suit should fit closely but should not dig into your backside, and if you are wearing a bikini bottom it should lie flat on your skin rather than create a “muffin top.” Finally, you should be able to move without the suit shifting around. If you can’t bend, squat, or twist while the suit stays in place, it’s the wrong fit for you. The beach is no place for a wardrobe malfunction!  

Try a tankini. These bikini/one-piece hybrids combine the coverage of a one piece with the style and ease of a bikini. Tankinis also give you the option of mixing and matching colors and patterns, if you wish. If you choose you can pair a solid top with a contrasting pattern on the bottom for a fun surprise.

My final piece of advice for swimwear shopping is to love your body no matter what it looks like. Sometimes we get so focused on building our “swimsuit body” that it takes all the joy out of wearing a swimsuit in the first place. The truth is, every body is a “swimsuit body.” So put on a suit that makes you feel vibrant and alive, and be sure to have fun while you’re wearing it!


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