Healthy Food Delivery

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It will come as no surprise to you that San Francisco has many new meal delivery services created with our healthy lifestyle in mind. As they say, when one delivery service closes, another pops up online. Following are a sampling that appeal to me.


Healthy Food Delivery

So you know that Warrior Steph Curry? Yes, his wife Ayesha is a top rated chef and she is launching her own meal delivery service. There isn’t much info about this circling, but she is going to feature her favorite recipes that she regularly makes at home for her family. Apparently meals will be delivered weekly made from the freshest ingredients, including baby food. Busy people have no more excuses to eat more healthfully. Info can be found here:


Healthy Food DeliverySF sisters Meaghen and Monica created a San Francisco subscription-based delivery service that stocks your fridge weekly with healthy grab-and-go options to suit a busy lifestyle. They select a balance of organic seasonal fruit and veggies, gluten free grains and sustainably farmed animal protein to nourish and fuel your body from the inside out. They make everything themselves as Meaghen is celiac and particularly careful about prep. She is a Cordon Bleu trained Chef and her sis Monica is a former employee at that little place down the peninsula…Facebook. Cool gals. Sign up here:


Three-Stone-Hearth-wholeA different spin on the usual delivery services, Three Stone Hearth is new business model as a worker-owned cooperative in Berkeley. They focus on sustainability, community and health. Each menu uses nourishing foods to ensure maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption. No weekly subscription required, you just place your order online and choose from pick up or delivery options. Next time I’m heading over the bridge, I’m going to try them. Info for you East Bay folks:


Healthy Food Delivery

Here we go, there’s an app for that. Sprig delivers super healthy meals made from organic and sustainable sourced ingredients – in around 20 minutes. Order from the app and you will get tasty food created with at least two servings of fruits and veg and the protein and nutrients you need every day. High in flavor and low on butter, oils and sugar. Download the app and get started here:



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