Getting Past Fear and Trusting the Path Towards an Evolving World

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This week a brief departure from my usual theatre and food musings.

I would like you to know about a very exciting virtual summit that I am moderating.

All of us have experienced incredible trepidation, fear, and concern in the past year.

Life always throws us challenges, but no one could have anticipated a worldwide health crisis.

How have you reacted during this time? Have you been frustrated and angry by the changes in our world? Has fear of the unknown kept you from living a joyful life?

Please consider attending “Getting Past Fear and Trusting the Path Towards an Evolving World, ” a virtual HEALING SUMMIT on Sunday March 28 from 12 -1:30 PM EDT, presented by the global hospitality brand, Healing Hotels of the World.

I will be joined by two fabulous experts who can speak about the “not bad, but ​different” world we are walking into, and how to reject fear and embrace joy.

Getting Past Fear and Trusting the Path Towards an Evolving World

Internationally renowned economist, speaker and writer Dr.  Kjell Nordstrom, whose latest book is Corona Express, will speak about how society is rapidly evolving due to the current pandemic, and share his vision of how we will live in a different world as we move forward. 

Getting Past Fear and Trusting the Path Towards an Evolving World

Neuroscientist, university professor and author Dr. Marjorie Woollacott, author of Infinite Awareness, The Awakening of a Scientific Mind, will provide perspective on how our brain can be trained to get past the fear of the unknown, and trust the way towards an empowered and fulfilled life.

This summit will help support Tostan, an organization based in Senegal that is dedicated to empowering communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future, and to inspire large-scale movements that lead to dignity for all.

Tickets are 30 Euros (approximately $37)

1/3 of each ticket donated to Tostan

For registration go to:



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