Getting Back on Track with Healthy Habits

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Forget about resolutions and intentions for the New Year. If you’re not making ‘learn everything I can to age better’ your #1 goal in 2023, we urge you to make it a top priority, starting today.

Having healthy habits shouldn’t feel like a luxury or like something far out of reach. Sleep, exercise, and healthy home cooked meals are attainable and important for your overall well-being at any age.

A MenopauseCheatSheet reader wrote in and asked for tips on how to get a new healthy habit to stick. We think this is a brilliant question and one lots of us can benefit from.

Today we’re excited to share with you 10 tips for how you can make new healthy habits stick. We want you to feel energetic, positive, confident, healthy, and happy every day. These tips will help you get from ‘barely doing’ to doing something really good for yourself every single day . . . without even thinking about it.

10 Tips to Get Those Habits to Stick:

  1. Remember the rewards
  2. Take baby steps so you don’t get overwhelmed
  3. Let one good habit lead to another
  4. Make it a public commitment
  5. Give yourself time (three months, at least)
  6. Plan on it and schedule it
  7. Set yourself up for success
  8. Compare and contrast (know your progress)
  9. Have a clear goal in mind (something fun that will motivate you)
  10. Love yourself enough to care (this is the golden ticket to success)


Bad habits are not the easiest thing in the world to change, and good habits seem to be the most difficult to adopt. Habits shape your life and are ingrained in your day-to-day decisions and actions even when you don’t think about them. Although they are involuntary and often the result of living life on autopilot because you’ve taken the same action over and over again, your actions and reactions, patterns of behavior, and your conversations are habitual.

Making your new healthy habits stick is possible with the tips we’ve shared, however it’s important to know that life’s twists and turns are not always predictable, but they are pretty much guaranteed. These unexpected turns in life will throw your best habits out the window, so be prepared and know that it’s okay.

In a recent episode of GRUFFtalk: How to Age Better podcast, Barbara shared how she was taken off track with her healthy habits a few times due to unforeseen events, but was able to get back on track. She believes that tip #10, in particular, was the game changer, and taking small steps towards the habits that gave her health, stamina, energy, confidence, and joy was key. If you start to falter . . . just get back on track by harnessing the most important habit of all: self-love.

Think about listening to the episode and maybe share it with someone who might need a little help.

“Summon the one habit that rules them all. Self-love and take a single small step in the only direction you want to go, forward.” 

-Barbara Hannah Grufferman



  • Barbara Hannah Grufferman

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