The Future is Here: Unique Products from the CES Show  

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We love the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which happened last week in Vegas.  It’s always fun to see what new and unqiue products are being unveiled that may change our lives – or not. Here are a few interesting and fun ones, like the ultimate toilet seat, a mirror that critiques your face, and get this –  a machine that folds your laundry.  And don’t laugh, smart underwear.  Remember, when people first heard about a phone you can carrying in your hand that runs your life, you laughed too!

Hate Folding Laundry?

The Future is Here: Unique Products from the CES Show  

The DigiDame provided us with this new product review from the CES show.

Life is full of surprises. Whoever thought that one day there would be a machine that folds your laundry?

It’s not available now, but it will be in in the latter part of 2019. There are a number of companies working on it. The one that got some serious attention at CES is FoldiMate. The company claims that a load of laundry can be folded in four minutes.

I never realized that so many people hated folding laundry. FoldiMate reported that they received 8,000 pre-orders for a $850 machine.

A Device that Critiques Your Face

The Future is Here: Unique Products from the CES Show  

As if looking in the bathroom room mirror isn’t sometimes scary enough, the HiMirror “smart mirror” tablet, launched last week at the CES tech show in Las Vegas will critique your face.  This gadget comes with a built-in camera, analyzes your face for flaws, including redness, wrinkles and dark spots.

You upload a selfie as often as you like, and it will evaluate your skin and generate a personalized regime to improve firmness, brightness, and clarity.  Should be available this summer for $189.

Smart Underwear

The Future is Here: Unique Products from the CES Show  

Didn’t know you need smart underwear?  Well Skiin’s “smart underwear” has six sensors woven into the bras and undies that can track heart rate, temperature, pressure, motion, body fat and hydration levels.  It can even remind you to breathe if you’re stressed. And it’s just $349 for eight pairs of thongs which you can preorder here now.  Don’t miss out Tomatoes. LOL.

The Intelligent Toilet

The Future is Here: Unique Products from the CES Show  

Now this is the ultimate in bathroom luxury. Kohler’s Numi “intelligent toilet” has a heated seat to keep your tushy warm, colored lighting, music (yep it’s blue-tooth enables and has speakers), a foot warmer, and it self-flushes so you don’t have to touch the disgusting handle.  It’s self-cleaning, natch.  All this for about $6300.

Shower Anywhere, Anytime

The Future is Here: Unique Products from the CES Show  Ideal for camping, backpacking, rafting trips, music festivals, and adventure travel, all shower components stow in a durable, trail-ready carrying case that’s effortless to pack in and out.  It’s lightweight, has a pressured showerhead, and the water heats up from the sun.  And you get it now at Amazon for $99.95.


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