Five Step Morning Practice to Change Your Life

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Spring can often feel like a time for new beginnings.  We see all the new buds and growth happening.  We’ve all heard the term spring cleaning. New beginnings can start with us being intentional each morning.  We can decide for a new day and a new way of being.

We all have old patterns or well-worn paths of how we think and how we do things.  This has created the results we are currently living.  The definition of insanity is we keep doing the same things expecting different results.  By this definition, I would say that many of us are insane.

If we go to bed thinking the same thoughts and we get up thinking the same thoughts, how do we expect to make any lasting changes?  We must first change in our being and in our thinking to create the results we would love.

We need a pattern interrupt, starting our day with a morning practice can be that for us. A morning practice is a way of starting our day with intention.  It is a specific practice that you do each morning to start off on the right foot to keep you from unconsciously repeating old patterns.

We all have the ability to create the day we want. If we link well lived days together, that will become weeks and months and then a year and then we can end up in the place we want to be.  This creative ability starts in our thinking and then carries through to our feelings.

How many mornings do you start your day by thinking “I have so much to do” and you feel behind before your feet even hit the floor.  Now you are creating a day of overwhelm and most likely you will have an unfocused and ineffective energy throughout your day.

Or maybe you start your day with feeling unmotivated and you never really getting moving.

No matter how you currently start your day there is room for all of us to be more intentional and powerful.

I’ve created a five step morning practice that will help you start your day in a whole new way.  This will carry through to your entire day.  A morning practice is an important step in changing your results – in becoming the person you are meant to be – to be living a life you would love.  Change your morning – change your life.

You can run through this morning practice in about 10 minutes or spend more time with it.  The important part is to feel it as you go through each step. It is critical that you do this before checking your emails, social media or get online.  We all have our creative brain and our auto pilot brain.  Once we start checking our emails, etc. we get distracted and we’re in our autopilot brain. We want to give our creative brain the room to show up and speak to us.

Let’s get started.

Step One  – Set an Intention

“The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps.” ~ Steve Maraboli

In many cultures the new day starts the night before.  Before bed set an intention of how you want to sleep or feel when you wake up. For example, I will wake up feeling well rested, focused and enthusiastic about my day. Personalize it to you.  You can also add what time you want to wake up.


Step 2 – First Thought

“Change your thinking, change your life.”~Ernest Holmes

When you wake up decide what your first thought of the day will be.  Design a thought that will feel life giving and expansive. We always get to decide to what thoughts we want to give our attention. It could be to rejoice in the fact that you are alive.  This will remind you that not everyone woke up today, but you did. How do you want to greet this never before lived day?  This day that you won’t get back in all of eternity?

Here are a few ideas you can use or help you create your own first thought:

It’s a brand new never before lived day.
I am alive and full of joy and wonder.
Today I am being my best in all ways.

Step 3 – Gratitude

“The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best; therefore it tends to become the best; it takes the form or character of the best, and will receive the best.” ~ Wallace Wattles

Gratitude is a powerful place from which to live.  Gratitude signifies to the Universe we have already received what we want which will help draw that very thing to us.

Gratitude is the frequency or feeling tone that is the most harmonious with abundance.   Therefore, feeling gratitude will put us in alignment with more abundance in our lives.

Write down and most importantly feel what you have in your life to be grateful for.     If you’re not feeling that you have anything to be grateful for – go to the basics that you can see and hear that you have clean hot and cold water right down the hall.

Step 4 –  Decide Who you Are Being

“Men do not attract that which what they want,  but that which they are.” ~James Allen

Next decide who you are going to be today – what are a few of their qualities you want to practice emulating throughout the day.  It could be to be a good listener, to be creative, or to set boundaries without apology, to say no when you don’t want to do something, or to go through your day with a calm confidence, focused or with energy.

You decide what are the qualities that will get you to the life you would love to be living and practice two to three of those each day.  Write them on a piece of paper and look at it throughout the day.

Step 5   Action

“Always take massive imperfect action towards your goals because the time might never be “just right.” ~ Derric Yuh Ndim

And the last step is to relate to your vision of the life you’d love to be living or to feel as though you have already achieved the goals you have set.  Go about your day from this new feeling.  It will attract to you new ideas, you will see different opportunities and you will be willing to take different action steps.

Once you are feeling as though you have already accomplished your goals and dreams, ask yourself what’s an action step I can take that will move me in the direction of my dream. Write down what ideas come to you and by when you will have taken this step.  Writing the by when is important so it isn’t just an idea that never gets done.
We often think that we need to make quantum leaps towards our dream, but consistent baby steps can get you there too.

You can do all of this in about 10 minutes, or you can spend more time with it.   You may be thinking I don’t have an extra 10 minutes in the morning – the truth is we make time for what’s important to us.  If your child or spouse needed to go to the doctor, you would find the time to take them. Is changing your life important to you? You need to know you are worth it.

A word of warning, remember at the beginning when I said that we all have old patterns and habits?  There is a mechanism in us that wants to keep us safe, and it thinks that keeping us right where we are will accomplish safety. This unconscious mechanism will do everything it can to keep us from implementing new habits or practices that will move us forward. It wants to keep us repeating our same old habits and patterns. It will have us forget or to come up with excuses of why we can’t do it today. Put some structures of support in place to remind you to set an intention before sleep and to do your morning practice. A couple of ideas is to put post it notes on your bedside lamp to set an intention at night and put a post it note on your bathroom mirror to do your morning practice. Create whatever reminders will help you.

My invitation to you is to do a 30-day experiment with this morning practice to see what changes are possible.

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