Fifty over Fifty

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Release Your Wild and Wonderful Self.

Fifty over Fifty, Stacey Radin, The Three Tomatoes

For decades, Dr. Susan Meyers has helped women create the lives they want to lead. Over the years, she’s pondered why so many women over fifty lead rich, wonderful lives, while others are stuck in a rut, wanting more. So she set out on a quest and interviewed fifty “wise and wild women creating wonderful lives”, including The Three Tomatoes’ Cheryl Benton, and wove their stories together in an easy to read, engaging way and then found the commonalties, and lessons learned from them.

The Fifty Over 50 come from all walks of life, from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs, to a home health aide, and a retired sales representative. Collectively, they have faced job loss, career/family stress, divorce, terminal illness, and widowhood. Thought-provoking questions for reflection and exercises throughout will get you moving forward in your own journey. Get the book and get inspired.

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