Feng Shui Romantic Tip

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What’s Under Your Bed?

Struggling with your romantic relationship? Look under your bed. If you use this as a storage area, consider unclogging the channels of your romantic life by releasing the blocked energy that lays congealed under your bed. Using this as a storage area can cause confusion, restlessness, allergies, and sleepless nights. Allow the chi energy to be free to flow in a natural way, and as a result, you invite a happier, healthier, and more abundant experience. If you are looking for a loving partner or want the next step in commitment, good Feng Shui in your bedroom is essential. If you have a collection of your own stuff on your partner’s side of the bed, made even more dramatic by a mirror, the magnified message is that your relationship is less significant in your life, at least on a subconscious level. A bedroom with so many of one person’s possessions in view, leaves no room for a partner. Clear out one side of the bedroom to make room for that special person on an energetic level. If you want to share your life, make space for your person!


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  • Debra Duneier

    Debra Duneier, the Founder and President of EcoChi, LLC, is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, an accredited LEED® Green Associate, a Certified Eco-Designer, and a Graduate Gemologist. Ms. Duneier is the creator of the EcoChi® system of design, a globally recognized wellness design standard that incorporates Feng Shui. She is the award-winning author of “EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience.” Her training, background and perspective have made her a valued resource for media outlets including Martha Stewart Radio, Brokers Weekly, Social Life Magazine, Barons.com, Better Homes and Gardens TV, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, and the Associated Press. Debra was a featured personality, as the Feng Shui expert on the Cable TV show, Natural Reboot, on the Z Living Network.

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