Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Try Visualization

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By Sally Arnold, Career Encores

Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Try Visualization

Everyone from Oprah to Harvard Psychologists are talking about the power of Visualization in turning around our personal and professional life. Whether it be stuck careers, losing weight, finding new love, going to the gym and so on.

So why is Visualization moving out of the New Age tag that it has been associated with for so long?  Because it works. And my coaching clients say it is the most important part of their program. I always start with a career visualization in the first session, to unlock career hiccups. This program stands head and shoulders above any form of cognitive methodology because clients can immediately see hope and a way forward out of their career hiccup.

Visualization has always been used by elite athletes to focus on their training and outcomes when working towards the race day. The same for performing artists.  I remember an Australian 100-meter sprinter Kathy Freeman telling me in her casual way that when she won the Gold Medal in the Sydney 2000 Olympics she knew before she walked out onto the track that she would win the race. I asked her, how and why did she know this? Well Kathy said,” she trained hard, but the important part connected to her training was visualization of the race in gaining the end result, a gold medal”. To prepare for the race Kathy connected with her strong Aboriginal Indigenous background.  Her inner connection to the land, and support of her community was important. She did not elaborate on the visualization, but I imagine that she was able to go within and find inner strength and focus from her ancient past. Then she made me laugh!  She practiced every day for months, walking then standing up on a kitchen chair in her living room receiving the Gold medal. The kitchen chair represented the Dias. What a woman!

Imagine if you could be this disciplined and commit to action each day how you could turn around a stuck career that is not going anywhere. And the start of turning around this hiccup is to get visioning. To take your mind into a better place than it is now. When we are not moving ahead everything stops. We have constipation of our mind. Our brain is capable of far more than we ever think possible. I know that researchers, scientists are finally recognizing that the power of the brain and our mindset is as important and works in a similar way to our heart. Importantly, a mindset that is moving forward is healthy alive and capable of moving through daily obstacles and more.

A swim coach at the Institute of Sport in Australia said to me that 2 athletes of similar talents, competing in the same race are capable of both winning gold. But it is the “head” of one which will make a difference and win the race. Interesting and we can see this played out daily in the sports arena, when athletes let their negative mindset come in and they lose a race, match, tournament and so on.

So this is where the power of incorporating Career Visualization into a hiccup moment, helps find new paths, hope and a way forward when stuck.  Here is an overview of the power of Guided visualization with music to help see beyond the walls that are keeping you a prisoner. For a moment, think about a favorite piece of music and how you feel when you hear it. Does it bring back memories of a special time, trip, holiday.  Imagine that you are back in that place, does your mind and mood change? You may feel alive, inspired and happy. Well keep imagining, then add a guided career visualization with beautiful classical music to the mix and hey presto you have moved into the Gold of Creating Encores methodology. This is the beginning of a dynamic powerful way to move, and see a way clear of the challenges that have been in your way. As a former flautist I use specific music from the classical period to help reawaken brain cells, bring the feel good chemical dopamine in the brain into action. Many scientists are reclassifying it as the motivation chemical.

So what does Guided Visualization with Music, Creating Encores style, in the 21st century achieve for a stuck career? It: –

  1. Helps remember past achievements and vision future desires
  2. Moves your career forward when combined with an Action plan.
  3. Importantly changes a stuck Mindset into one that can see new life, hope and a career path that inspires.

Tonight just spend time listening to your favorite music, and let it draw you into a more positive mindset, lessen stress and so on. Imagine this power with a specific guided visualization just for you and your career hiccup?  You will see results, new possibilities and more.

If you are curious and would like to find out more about how this visualization journey can unfold for you please contact Sally Arnold, e sally@creatingencores.co for a complimentary 15-minute Power coaching session. It is a simple question orientated dialogue to determine your needs regarding Creating your Career Encore. www.creatingencores.co Sally specializes in working with global clients over the age of 40 who have high level careers and heaps of potential.


sally arnoldSally Arnold is an award winning author, speaker and business coach who specializes in moving individuals and organizations out of “stuckness”.  She is able to turn around challenges towards resolution and success through her innovative business Creating Encores.


Our experts cover the gamut from time management, relationship building, and the “art of the meal”.

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Our experts cover the gamut from time management, relationship building, and the “art of the meal”.

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