Feeling Stressed or Anxious? You Are Not Alone

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New Yorkers Step Up to The Plate

During this challenging and uncertain time, you may be feeling stressed or anxious—and you certainly are not alone.   To meet this need, New Yorkers are stepping up to the plate with a variety of programs — tools and resources—to move us through these times.

The Open Center’s “New Yorkers For New York”

Feeling Stressed or Anxious? You Are Not Alone

“During times of crisis, nonprofits such as THE OPEN CENTER have only one choice– step directly into the need and help as many people as possible,” says Ross Gutter, CEO of The Open Center.

On April 8th, the Open Center, the country’s longest running urban holistic health and education center, announced NEW YORKERS FOR NEW YORK, a free public service created in response to COVID-19.  This initiative is designed to provide an array of free tools, resources and services to all frontline and essential workers as well as an “open door policy” for all other local residents struggling with emotional and mental wellness during this time.

Complimentary offerings include:

  • A Toolkit for Managing Stress and Anxiety: Designed specifically for frontline workers with limited time, these programs and resources will help one breathe, manage anxiety and get through the day.
  • 1:1 Counseling and Small Group Healing and Therapy Sessions
  • On-Demand Library of Wellness Resources: Access The Open Center’s library of resources, including videos, podcasts, articles and more from leading holistic wellness and spirituality experts

Joining in this partnership are other partner initiatives, including the NYC COVID Care Network, a grassroots group of more than 2500 volunteers providing individaul and small group healing and therapy sessions, as well as 501c-3 Operation Warrior Shield, reaching NYC’s First Responders, Military, and members of the NYPD and FDNY. 

These holistic practices are aimed at making New Yorkers healthier, stronger and to provide comfort and perspective during these trying times.

Headspace and Gov Cuomo’s Office Team Up To Release “New York State Of Mind”

Feeling Stressed or Anxious? You Are Not Alone

“This virus is emotionally taxing for all New Yorkers..who are not built for social isolation…and to observe the large number of people getting sick around us.  Now more than ever, it’s critical that New Yorkers stay healthy, physically and mentally…Headspace will help people with rising levels of stress during these unprecedented times”.  ~Governor Cuomo

HEADSPACE, a global leader in mindfulness and meditation was created with one mission in mind: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Reaching more than 62 million users in 190 countries, Headspace was one of the first meditation apps in the world and remains a leader in mindfulness and mental trainings.

Specific programs for New Yorkers:

Available at www.headspace.com/ny, New Yorkers can access a specially curated collection of evidence-based guided meditations, along with at-home mindful workouts, sleep, and content for kids to help address stress and anxiety.  Special video messages with Headspace Co-Founder, Andy Puddicombe, will be included.  There is no charge.

Additional national/international resources are available as follows:

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: Headspace offers Headspace Plus FREE for all U.S. Healthcare providers working in a public health setting who have an NPI (National Provider Identifier). A recent partnership with the UK National Health Service provides 1.2 million employees with free subscriptions.

CONSUMERS:  Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, Headspace offers a free, specially curated “WEATHERING THE STORM” collection of meditation and mindfulness on the Headspace App for people around the world.

BUSINESSES:  Tools and resources previously available only to clients and consumers, now being made available through Headspace for Work, including a tailored kit to help teams worldwide navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19.

EDUCATORS/CAREGIVERS: Headspace flagship social impact program continues to offer free access to Headspace to all K-12 teachers, administrators and support staff in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.  Additional resources now available to help parents and reachers with tips on having conversation with children around the stress and anxiety of COVID-19.

HEAL THE HEALERS NOW….New Initiative by the David Lynch Foundation

Feeling Stressed or Anxious? You Are Not Alone

“With COVID-19 testing our healthcare system’s technology, infrastructure and human resources, the doctors and nurses taking care of the scared and sick patients – at great risk to themselves – deserve the very best tools to manage their health that we can provide”. Bob Roth, CEO, The David Lynch Foundation

Save the doctors, save the nurses!  Even before the pandemic, a Harvard report called physician burnout a “public health crises that urgently demands action”.  The American Academy of Family Physicians linked burnout to higher rates of medical error, substance abuse, addiction and suicide among physicians.

Thus, the David Lynch Foundation and the USTM organization have established the “Heal the Healers Now Fund” to provide the instruction to learn to meditate at no cost to doctors, nurses and other workers. This includes a comprehensive one-year follow up to ensure the providers are gaining maximum benefits from the program.

Some stats about Transcendental Meditation as taught by the David Lynch Foundation (Founded: 2005)

*Over 400 peer-reviewed published studies on TM have documented improvements in stress related disorders, as well as improvements in cognitive function and overall health and well being

*The National Institute of Health and the Dept of Defense have awarded $30 million in grant support for research on TM.  For example, a recent $2.4 million study funded by the DOD found markedly reduced symptoms of PTSD among meditating Veterans.

* The David Lynch Foundation offers TM training to underserved school systems, Veterans, abused women, and prisoners.  Ten million people of all ages, nationalities and religions, including tens of thousands of healthcare workers, have learned TM.  The TM-based “Healthcare Provider Wellness Program” has been offered in hospitals and clinics nationwide, most recently at Weill Cornell Medical Center -NY Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, with significant reduction in physician burnout, insomnia and symptoms of post-traumatic stress over a three-month period of practicing the TM technique.

Patty J. Lee, MD, Chief, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care at DUKE Medical University, Durham, NC:  “I am leading an entire division of physicians thru the COVID-19 crises—and TM has been my anchor.  I am now petitioning our entire health system to train all our healthcare providers in TM”.




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