Fall Fashion 2021 Is Back!

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Fall Fashion 2021 is back to the vaccinated and it’s time to get out of your at ‘home leisure’ clothes and explore three fabulous exhibits in New York City.

For those Tomatoes of a certain age who will remember and for those who may have seen the recent NETFLIX Halston movie, while it may not be The Battle of Versailles 1973, The Brooklyn Museum is featuring a sensational Dior retrospective, (opens Sept. 10), the FIT Museum’s Ravishing the Rose (now to Nov. 28.) will give new meaning to floral, and the Grande Dame MET is returning with American Fashion- Part One (opens Sept. 18).


Fall Fashion 2021 Is Back!

Christian Dior (French, 1905–1957). Bar suit, afternoon ensemble with an ecru natural shantung jacket and black pleated wool crepe skirt. Haute Couture Spring–Summer 1947, Corolle line. Dior Héritage collection, Paris. (Composite scan: Katerina Jebb)

Fall Fashion 2021 Is Back!

Ravishing Roses at FIT (composite by Ellen Easton)


Watch a video about the exhibition, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. At the MET.

Inspired by the Broadway Babe, Randie Levine Miller, here is a sidebar retrospective of my own.  I first met Halston as a child in the late 1950s, in NYC, when he designed hats for my mother, Reva Paul. Through the subsequent years we became friendly enough that I was invited as a “VIP” guest to his 1977 birthday party at Studio 54.  That WAS a night!  I wore a dress designed and worn by my mother in 1950s.  Who wore it better? Reva, of course!

Fall Fashion 2021 Is Back!





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