Fabulous Art Exhibits at NYC’s Museums

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By Judy Stewart

NYC has some of the best art exhibits it has had in years and viewing them is a great way to put yourself on an “UP” after our Covid funk! Here are my recommendations:

The Frick Collection at the former Met Breuer building

Fabulous Art Exhibits at NYC’s Museums

It is nothing short of phenomenal. The art covers from the Renaissance to the early 20th century and has famous artists like Ingres, Rembrandt, Van Eyck and Constable. The rooms are spacious, and one can now see everything at eye level. I even wanted to jump into Fragonard’s fanciful landscape scenes! It would be best if you study the many painters on the Frick’s website before making your appointment for a visit. GET THE DETAILS.

The David Hockney Exhibit at The Morgan

Unlike most showings, this exhibit reveals the inner workings and thinking of one of our very top artists. His subjects are primarily his close friends, himself and his Mom. His array of painting styles is extraordinary and ranges from pen to pen & pencil to charcoal to watercolor to pastel to Polaroids and collages. One can’t believe that all this talent is in one artist’s eyes, hands and brain. GET THE DETAILS.

The History of Musical Instruments at the Metropolitan Museum

This exhibit shows instruments from around the world of all styles and types from the 1600’s to today. It is quite amazing to see the progression in shape and styling. Many of them are beautiful sculptural art pieces that were used for ceremonial reasons. GET THE DETAILS.

Magazines and the American Experience” at The Grolier Gallery

Fabulous Art Exhibits at NYC’s Museums

This brownstone houses an exhibition that displays the covers of almost 200 magazines from the late 1700’s up until today. It is a delight to chronicle the history of headlines and American life over the span of over 300 years. Best of all, it has the very first inaugural cover of every magazine that we have grown up with and know today. GET THE DETAILS.

Judy Stewart is CEO of Creative Sense, a Management Consulting Company. For the past several years, she has served as the Executive Business Consultant to Hanky Panky. Today, though retired, she’s called the “Fun Connector” as she continues to create new Zoom groups whose members dance solo or with each other, becoming like extended family members or community for each other. They laugh


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