Encounters in Cuba

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I have been a photographer for over 45 years. I am a retired visiting nurse now working as a free-lance photographer for a local paper.

I have traveled to Cuba three times before the most recent trip to East Cuba. The first three trips were to Havana, Vinales and Trinidad (Cuba). This was the first time I was in East Cuba. We flew into Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, Gibara and left from Camaguey.

After walking around for hours, photographing people and architecture, it came to me that I love to photograph people. For me it is the connection with those I photograph, that I find most interesting and meaningful.

When asked, *what do you like to photograph?* I used to say anything and everything. It became so clear to me this time in Cuba, my fourth time, that it is the people I love to photograph. Getting to know them, to talk to them, asking permission to photograph them and respecting those that shake their heads no.

I met one young man, who was in the street with his phone, photographing flowers he stacked, near a puddle. His friends were in the background. It was such a great image. We talked, and I found out he is a photography student.

My group went along our way to another street, this young man ran after me to give me a paper with his Instagram info.  I was so touched that he did that.

The next morning when I was out walking, he again found me and gave me a 16×20 image he had taken and printed in school. It was an image with a ballerina in the middle of the street. I was so touched by his actions. We are now friends on Facebook and Instagram.

I have included the image of him with his phone, he and his friends and other people I connected with. I also include a photo of me holding the print he gave me.

More of my images can be viewed on my website. www.customphotonotes.com

If you are interested in joining me on my  next photographic trip to Cuba in December, click here: https://yourcubatravel.com/cuba-a-photographic-journey



  • Roni Chastain

    Roni Chastain has had a love of photography for over 40 years. In 2003 she developed Custom Photo Notes, which was started as a business to market note cards, books and customized slide shows. She is graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, having completed the course in half the time. Roni was awarded merit awards from the school for two of her photos. Her work is on permanent display at the NY Institute of Photography and Molloy College Art Gallery, an office building lobby in Melville, NY. Roni lives on Long Island. She is a mother and grandmother. Roni was the organizer for the Long Island Photography Meetup with over 250 members, for 10 years.

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  1. Ellen Easton says:

    The landscape photos are stunning!

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