Eight Ways Give Back in this Crisis

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Eight Ways Give Back in this Crisis

It’s really easy as we are confined to our houses, to feel that “woe is me” feeling— it’s normal. But one way to get out of yourself, is to think about how you can help others, while you are confined at home. Checking in with friends and family is on top of everyone’s list, to make sure they are not alone, and if they need anything. But here are other ways you can help without leaving home.

Support Your Local Businesses

  • If you feel comfortable, order carryout or delivery from local restaurants. But if you are cooking at home (in our humble opinion, a better option), buy gift cards for future use.
  • Buy gift cards from your local manicure shop, hair stylists, or other services you use regularly but are now closed.
  • If you know someone who is not getting a paycheck right now, offer to help out with grocery money or any other essential must haves.

Give a Health Care Provider a Gift Card

  • Send an e-Gift card to any health care provider you know. And buy more than one and ask them to give your gift cards to their colleagues.

Help out the Elderly and those at High Risk

  • If you are able to get out to get groceries, or go to a pharmacy, check in with neighbors and others who might need some essentials.  There are many community Facebook groups where you post that you will do errands.

Be a Virtual Babysitter

  • Help out a parent working from home and volunteer to face time or zoom with the kids. Read them a story; makeup a game; or just talk to them. They’ll have fun and so will you.

Donate to Homeless Shelters 

  • Send money for essential supplies.

Donate Blood

  • If you are at all able, we do have a severe blood shortage. Visit the Red Cross website to find out safe places to donate.

Foster an Animal

Here’s a win/win.  The local animal shelters are reaching out for people to foster (and/or adopt) dogs and cats. And amazingly, fostering is up 70%. Not only will you be helping the animal, they will be a comfort to you.

Donate to Non-Profits/Charities

They are all hurting severely right now.  the YMCA has had to let people go. The houses of worship are suffering. Your favorite non-profit needs help too. They are all in desperate need of support. Go online and make a donation.


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