Edible Sugar Lace

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Edible Sugar Lace
/Ellen Easton’s Sugar Lace Confections ©Ellen Easton

Edible sugar lace is a beautiful enhancement to a cup of tea or coffee, cakes, petit fours, cookies and sweets.   An art form once only feasible to the most skilled pastry artist is now readably available to everyone at home.  Whether you are creating your own or purchasing from another, now is the time to embrace the beauty of edible lace.  Don’t want to bake? No problem.  Apply to any store-bought confection to make it extra special.

Edible Sugar Lace

“Ready-to-use right out of the container! Just apply one coat to your favorite silicone lace decor mat, and dry in the oven or the open air. Works with ANY brand of silicone lace mat! Use a straight edge to spread this paste into even the most intricate patterns, and return the excess to the container so it’s ready for the next project. Fast drying! Set your Smart Lace in the oven in about 10 minutes, or with a dehydrator in about 30 minutes, Of course it can also be set the traditional way, in the open air. Real convenience – make your lace embellishments in advance then store them in an airtight environment and they can be used at a later date, still flexible and pliable like new!”

This was my first attempt at making my own sugar lace. I used a manicure scissor to trim the excess.  It was a very easy process.  The next time, I will not flood the mold as much to create sharper edges.  For those who are not handy in the kitchen do not panic or give up, keep reading help is on the way. 

Edible Sugar Lace

Try it yourself…

These supplies are available on Amazon.

 Madame Loulou’s Edible Lace Fondant

Embossing Lace Fondant Molds

My mother, Reva Paul, was an internationally acclaimed sugar artist. I witnessed first hand the dedication involved in the intricacies of creating such delicate items.  I fervently believe in women helping other women and it‘s my pleasure to introduce you to the edible lace featured in my photographs, as made by the very talented sugar artist, Maria Magana, in California.  Maria accepts and ships custom orders in many colors and countless designs, doily’s, strips, cake toppers, etc., on her ESTY store.   All are made to order with advance notice. Having first received sugar lace doilies from my friend, Lisa, I’d highly recommend them as a gift for Mother’s day, a birthday or an afternoon tea.

Maria Magana’s Ready to use…

Handcrafted Edible Sugar Lace by NINI Sweet Creations:

Edible Sugar Lace

©Ellen Easton


  • Ellen Easton, author of Afternoon Tea~Tips, Terms and Traditions(RED WAGON PRESS), an afternoon tea authority, lifestyle and etiquette industry leader, keynote speaker and product spokesperson, is a hospitality, design, and retail consultant whose clients have included the Waldorf=Astoria, the Plaza and Bergdorf Goodman. Easton’s family traces their tea roots to the early 1800s, when ancestors first introduced tea plants from India and China to the Colony of Ceylon, thus building one of the largest and best cultivated teas estates on the island.

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  1. Polly says:

    Great idea for decorating cakes and cookies! Thank you!

  2. Debra Geller says:

    These look outrageous . Almost too good to eat!

  3. Marilynn S. Zeljeznjak says:

    Beautiful!! I’ll have to try it when I can finally host events again. Thanks for sharing the Etsy site as well!

  4. Mercedes Serralles says:

    Fabulous Ellen !!!! Let’s dress all up for Spring!!! cakes included ????

  5. Wow!! This looks amazing! I love the elegance of these designs. Thank you for this.

  6. Ellen Easton says:

    Thank you, Lydia. Knowing your artistic eye your comment is very much appreciated. EE

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