Diets and Laughs

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Who amongst us hasn’t been on numerous diets in our lives?

Renée Taylor, celebrated actress, writer, comedian, has tried them all, and uses them as the backdrop to her rich and funny one-woman show, “My Life On a Diet,” now playing at the St. Clements Theatre.

Ms. Taylor, a Bronx native (go Bronx!), relates her life story, with many references to her very interesting parents, her varied career, and her dear husband, Joe Bologna, who sadly, passed away less than a year ago.

Even though Renée sits at a desk for most of the show, the piece never feels static or stilted, because her stories are so incredibly entertaining.

The play takes place in a living room, and so you feel like you are a guest in her home as she invites you in and shares her fabulous stories.

Mixed in with tales of her quirky parents, are her encounters with superstars, including Barbra Streisand and Marilyn Monroe, along with highlights of  her career track.

Diets and Laughs

But back to the title of the show, and her endless diets. Each time Taylor mentions the diet she was on at a specific time in her life, the diet information is projected on to a screen. Hilarious and even instructional. At 85, Renée Taylor, still has excellent comedic timing.

My Life on a Diet, running through August 19, is a delicious pu pu platter of entertainment.



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