Defining Feng Shui & Harnessing Good Energy

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The beauty of music, with its notes, chords and harmonies, shares synergies with Feng Shui. Both have a mathematical structure, a connection to nature, and the ability to enhance our lives. Feng Shui also relates strongly to the cosmos. Heaven and Earth energies must be present and harnessed to create harmony in our spaces and our lives. This is the meeting of the visible physical world and the invisible, vibrational world. Geomancy and topography must also be considered in Feng Shui as our landscape is our home. “This well-known word, Feng Shui, means wind and water, but in its wider sense, stands for the relations to the surrounding nature, the influence of landscape, the beauty of the buildings, and the happiness of the inhabitants” -Ernst Borschmann. There are many different interpretations of Feng Shui, but at its core, it is about creating a space that supports the people who live or work in it, while improving life in all areas, including health, wealth, and relationships. Like music, Feng Shui is linked to mathematics, the cosmos, and the physical and vibrational world. It is an unending stream of interconnectedness, influencing humanity.

Chi is a mysterious and powerful energy that flows through all living things. While there are many different definitions of Chi, understanding the difference between “Sheng Chi” and “Sha Chi” is essential to harnessing its power. Sheng Chi moves in waves and curves and is the Chi of natural formations. Sha Chi is found in and around man-made shapes and often travels in straight lines. Feng Shui brings harmony by maximizing and containing the Sheng Chi (good energy) and reducing the Sha Chi (negative energy). This balance encourages health, happiness, and prosperity. Feng Shui practitioners strive to cultivate Sheng Chi, which is achieved through various techniques, such as decluttering and creating a harmonious flow in the home or workplace. Sha Chi brings negative consequences if not properly managed. It can manifest as health obstacles, career challenges, or tension in relationships, and must be redirected or neutralized to avoid negative effects. Chi greatly impacts our lives, and it is important to be aware of its presence in our environment. By harnessing the power of Chi, we can create a positive and fulfilling space for ourselves and those around us.



  • Debra Duneier

    Debra Duneier, the Founder and President of EcoChi, LLC, is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, an accredited LEED® Green Associate, a Certified Eco-Designer, and a Graduate Gemologist. Ms. Duneier is the creator of the EcoChi® system of design, a globally recognized wellness design standard that incorporates Feng Shui. She is the award-winning author of “EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience.” Her training, background and perspective have made her a valued resource for media outlets including Martha Stewart Radio, Brokers Weekly, Social Life Magazine,, Better Homes and Gardens TV, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, and the Associated Press. Debra was a featured personality, as the Feng Shui expert on the Cable TV show, Natural Reboot, on the Z Living Network.

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