Claude Poussin Featured at Morgan Library

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Claude Poussin Featured at Morgan Library

There is a very interesting exhibit at the Morgan Library on Claude Poussin and French Drawing in the Classical Age.  The French refer to the 17th century—especially the Reigns o f Louis Xiii and Louis XiV (1610-1715) as the Grand Siecle or the Great Century.

During this time  France reached a peak of political power and cultural richness. Artists born in France rose to prominence under state patronage and counted kings, Aristocrats and popes among their benefactors.  Given France’s broad cultural outlook, a period of residence in Italy for the study of antiquity and of modern art was considered a near-essential aspect of an artist’s formation.  Drawing was a critical element of artistic practice throughout the period, and this exhibition—primarily from the Morgan’s own holdings—explores French draftsmanship across the  Grand Sciecle.

It shows how artists engaged with both the study of the natural world and the lessons of classical art, the two key elements of 17th century French art.

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