Car Talk and Cash Talk

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Car Talk and Cash Talk

My husband commented that I should check my tires since one in particular seemed a little deflated.  I never look at my tires -never thought to – unless of course one goes flat on the way to a really important meeting while I’m in my best suit. Then I’d notice.

The mundane chore was fit into my schedule a week later when I got around to it.  The exercise shocked me.

If You Don’t Look, You Don’t See

Visually assessing my car before I get into it was never a discipline I’d learned.  All my tires were below the desired inflation level and the one was at least 1/3 less than what it should be!  I started thinking about the implications of this:

  • An off-balance set of wheels means potential lack of control if braking hard
  • The expensive rims could be dented or warped
  • The ride is uncomfortable

Frog Boiling in Water

I drove away with inflated tires, and felt like I was floating.  What a difference!  Over time, I had become used to the slow deflation of my tires and deterioration of ride. It wasn’t until I fixed the problem that I understood how dangerous and uncomfortable the car was.  Now I look at my car more frequently because I’ve learned the risks, and felt the benefits.

It’s the same with our cash. So many people wait until the high stakes moment – when money anxiety pressure escalates and becomes unbearable, we don’t have time, and we can’t think clearly.   Learning how to quickly review your cash regularly avoids those tense or scary moments.  Don’t wait until your partner files for divorce, or your credit score is so low you can’t buy the dream home you finally found.  You don’t deserve the stress, and you may make sub-optimal decisions.

Now if I could just learn to recognize when I have a dirty car, that would make my husband happy.

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Carrie Rattle is CEO & Founder of Behavioral Cents and a Master Money Coach for women. She leverages her 30-year career in financial services to help women change their money behaviors for the better.  Women achieve independence, freedom, and a bigger voice in the world. No Deprivation Required! Thoughts always welcome:



  • Carrie Rattle

    Carrie Rattle is a North American money behavior specialist and veteran financial executive, with multi-country experience in banking, brokerage and credit card practices. During her career, Carrie witnessed heart-breaking events where women had their freedom restricted, got into heavy debt, or had to commit fraud to get out of a terrible situation. Lacking the funds to have choices and independence destroyed their lives. Carrie built Behavioral Cents to help women write happy endings to their money stories. Financial knowledge is a start but does not always guarantee success. Understanding individual money beliefs and nurturing behavior change provides a more powerful path to truly help people align their money with their life’s dreams. Learn more at

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