Ask a Nurse: Headaches, Arthritis, Vertigo

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Ask a Nurse: Headaches, Arthritis, Vertigo

By Ann Genovesi, RN,co- founder of Lily Martin Care

Editor’s Note: We love nurses and find their everyday practical knowledge invaluable. So when we met Ann Genovesi at one of our weekly “Tomato Cocktail” zooms, and found out she is an RN, we all started asking her questions, which prompted this new column, “Ask a Nurse.”

What to do for a headache/migraine?

Ask a Nurse: Headaches, Arthritis, Vertigo

There are many medications that can help headaches. Sometimes you just do not want to take any more…a great holistic way to help yourself is with witch hazel. Place it on cotton balls and it put on the areas where the pain is. It will help alleviate the pressure and pain.


Ask a Nurse: Headaches, Arthritis, Vertigo

It has not been proven but nightshade vegetables can affect arthritis. Common nightshade vegetables include:

  • white potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • eggplant
  • bell peppers
  • cayenne pepper
  • paprika

Many different things can affect it including hormones, overdoing physical activity, variations in fatigue levels, and having an infection.

A few natural remedies to try are herbs like Aloe, ginger, eucalyptus, and also believe it or not, celery (raw). 


Ask a Nurse: Headaches, Arthritis, Vertigo

There are so many different types of vertigo that it is very hard to diagnoses and hard to treat. One thing that might help is vestibular rehabilitation. This is a type of Physical Therapy that has proven to help some people. There are also a few different maneuvers you can try.  It sometimes goes away on its own, other times it does need meds.

At home you can do numerous different kinds of head exercises. Believe it or not, one home remedy that can help is CBD.

And remember, if anything persists, or gets worse, please call your doctor!

Ann Genovesi (pictured near left) has been an RN for almost 30 years. She has worked in many different fields of nursing. When she started having kids, she mostly did private duty and also worked with hospice for a few years. She and her best friend from 5th grade, a Social worker, started Lily Martin Care. It is a private concierge home care service to help families find caregivers and caregivers find families. They can help with companionship, aides, nursing, and more! Both Stephanie Chapman, LMSW and Ann Genovesi, RN were called to found Lily Martin Care because of personal experiences they had with their own families. Ann has many different tips for health care.

Health Experts & Advocates offer excellent advice and resources.

Health Experts

Health Experts & Advocates offer excellent advice and resources.

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  1. Nancy Tartakoff says:

    Hi, i was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I have been treated but have now difficulty with inflammation making my left leg very weak. i would like a resource to find what vitamins, diet, etc. would help me get back to “normal”. I have read too many varied suggestions and do not know the best up to date/current one(s) to read. Thank you.

  2. Ann Miller says:

    Vertigo and dizziness caused me broken bones and head injuries. I tried everything but nothing worked. Then I gained perfect balance in 15 minutes with these simple head exercises:

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