A TV Addicts Opinion – What to Watch in January

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I admit it Tomatoes, I am a television addict since my childhood, and I thought I should start to put this fact to good use.  So, I’m launching The Three Tomatoes “Confessions of a TV Addict.” Because I love the art form when it is very, very good and I have my particularly discerning and sometimes unique tastes of what deserves a looksee, I want to share those recommendations with you Tomatoes on a regular basis. Remember, it is just one Tomato’s perspective and it might help guide you through all the streaming services available and the overwhelming vast array of series offerings.

Upfront, I need to say, I rarely watch major Network TV, I prefer to watch HBO, Showtime, Starz, Netflix, Amazon Prime, PBS, Acorn TV, Britbox and I lean towards series produced in Iceland, Britain and Europe because, not only are they more interesting and complex but the representation of women and women of a certain age is much better and real.  I am a Tomato after all, and I find Network television sadly lacking and I hate the story being interrupted by those pesky commercials.

My hope is that the opinions of this TV addict will resonate with you as women and Tomatoes as well as providing a little insight and enjoyment in your television streaming sources.

What to Watch This Month

“Call the Midwife” Series & “Call the Midwife Holiday Special” from PBS


The PBS “Call the Midwife” Holiday Special of 2019, as always, is filled with heartwarming broad universal appeal and the true spirit of the Holiday season, in the only  way “Call the Midwife” can.  My long-time favorite series has always touched my heart in so many ways and brought tears to eyes with every single episode over the series 9 seasons.  I whole heartedly recommend watching the series because it delivers inspiring messages with profound scripts and incredible performances by the terrific cast of characters dominated by women.  Gotta love that.

Though the series centers around Catholic Nun Nurses, their order and the outside nurses that reside and work for them, the solid message delivered in the series transcends the constraints of Catholic religious doctrine because these nurses don’t operate within a strict box of convention. They do whatever is necessary to care for their patients and the people in their small part of the world. Their goodness and flaws, their steadfast faith, heartfelt passion and commitment, their heartbreaking struggles, their understanding and compassion, the pursuit of truth and their genuine lack of judgement infuses the scripts with extraordinary bounties of …Hope.  

The “Call the Midwife Holiday Special” aired on Christmas Day, but it is always a good time to hope for a kinder and gentler world in our daily lives.  Treat yourselves to this show.  And if you lack the time to watch the series you really don’t need to have watched the series to enjoy the special.

Holiday Secrets” limited series from Netflix

Moving, profound, soulful performances, breathtaking scenery. It centers around three generations of incredible but flawed women (three over 40, Yahoo!), their complicated relationships with each other and those they love that are filled with contradictions, conflict and joy.  The women’s courage, fortitude and weaknesses carry through their life journey along with the burdens and secrets they sometimes have to carry.

If you don’t mind subtitles, (I personally love them, and you’ve had your fill of cookie cutter thin scripted Holiday movies then this limited series from Germany on Netflix is for you. Plus, each episode is 30 minutes so the viewer can sail through it in one evening. Have tissues on hand, Tomatoes.

The Accident” Limited Series on Hulu

A few minutes into watching the much-praised British limited series, “The Accident” on Hulu, I was glued to the screen. I found it riveting and compelling while at the same time intimate, real and utterly heartbreaking and believable while several profound but, unfortunately, all too familiar messages that will resonate in today’s climate.

The lead characters are the women that are the mothers of children and a wife of a husband that are victims of such gross negligence it cuts to your core. And the villain, a woman at the center of the corporate greed controversy whose only concern was cutting costs, staying on time, maintaining her important position in the company and keeping the victims in the dark about the truth.

The portrayals of these lead female characters, by some of my favorite British actresses, are extraordinary as are the portrayals of the supporting male characters. It is only 4 episodes so if you are looking for something that will pack a deeply moving and breath-taking punch with less investment of time you will find this series very satisfying. 

The Morning Show” Apple TV+


Yippee! Got one from the USA for you. “The Morning Show” is such powerful, relevant, topical, with stunning stellar performances and revelations that it will feel like devouring chocolate and pizza all at the same time.  Needless to say, I loved every minute. It stars a multitude of super talented American stars but is headed by two of my favorite American actresses, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, who are both over 40.  I checked.

The show is just so entertaining and compelling that I couldn’t wait for the next episode. Sometimes you hate these women, because of their bad behavior, and sometimes you just adore them because they make you care.  No matter what, it is a joy to watch these gutsy, courageous, strong women tell their truth and use their power to gain a footing in a man’s world and to watch these actresses at the very top of their game.  It’s a beautiful strongly crafted, multi-leveled nuanced script and amazing performances with one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride for these women and it will be for you too. 


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