A Children’s Tea Party

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 When using imagination, a child’s tea party is not limited to all girls.  A children’s tea can be a teaching experience in a social setting.  Young boys and girls alike can learn the etiquette of table manners and conversation. A theme tea can be the springboard to a history lesson or even encourage kindness and the responsibility of community volunteerism.  Including children in a holiday tea can bind the traditions from one generation to another.  The recipes may be enjoyed by the child in everyone.

Plan your menu keeping in mind that children can be finicky eaters and others may have food allergies.  The usual custom is to either serve three or four selections for both the sandwich and sweet courses.  Do balance the menu to include different flavors and textures.

Do not duplicate breads.  Place your fillings on white, rye, whole wheat, croissants, mini sliders, raisin bread, pita or any other bread of your choice. Crusts off.  Unless you are serving a large selection, try not to serve two cheese spreads on the same menu. Each should be two to three bites in size.

Caffeinated tea for children is not recommended.  However, there are many other beverage alternatives that may be substituted and served in a teacup.

Cookies cutters will come in handy to create various shapes for sandwiches and sweets.

Decorative garnishes for sweets~ colored sprinkles, sanding sugar, toasted nuts, shredded coconut flakes, food coloring, raisins and assorted candies.


Barbie is in fashion.  Whether one is young or of a certain age, Barbie is always welcome to afternoon tea. Never too old to style Barbie, my vintage 1959 Barbie is ready for the occasion, as are a few others I found having a tea party on-line.


 Back to School Welcome Tea~ introduce a new schoolmate to others. Birthday Party Tea;  Teddy Bear & Doll Tea~ bring your favorite bear or doll to join you for tea and also bring a toy to donate to a charity. Etiquette Tea ~ learn table manners and conversation.

Sing-along Tea; Storybook Reading Tea ~ bring your favorite book to tea.

Comic Book Character Tea; Dress Up Tea; Princess and Pirates Tea

Nostalgia Tea Dance;  Valentine’s Day ~ craft a card.  Easter~ color eggs.

Christmas ~ write a letter to Santa; trim the tree. Nutcracker Suite ~ learn about the ballet

PARTY ACTIVITES: ART~ decorate a picture frame, notebook cover, hat, face painting.

FOOD ~Decorate sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes.

CENTERPIECES: Teapots and teacups filled with flowers; Balloons, Hats, Story Books, Dolls, Small Toys.


  Children’s Afternoon Tea Menu

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Turkey, Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad

Egg Salad; Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato or Hummus

Nutella Spread & Banana or Peanut Butter & Jelly

Cinnamon Cream Cheese;  Cream Cheese & Cucumber; or American Cheese & Ham


Cinnamon Toast, Mini Fruit Scones, Mini Chocolate Chip Scones

Devon Cream or Whipped Cream, Strawberry Jam or Grape Jelly


Caramel Dipped Apple Slice; Lemon Bar; Rice Krispy Treats

Petit Fours, Brownie Bite or Mini Cupcake

Sugar, Shortbread or Gingerbread Cookie

Fruit and Melon Ball Kabobs with Mini Marshmallows; White or Dark Chocolate


Fruit Juice, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milk

Herbal Infusions, Rooibos, Pink or Yellow Lemonade



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  1. Melissa Nicholas says:

    This is a fabulous article! In a society where many have lost their way with manners, this is a wonderful reminder that we can continue sharing the practicality and beauty of manners and etiquette to the next generation. The best part is we will have fun doing it. Well done Ellen!

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