7 Signs that You May Want to Consider a Social Media Detox

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A friend recently sent a text, asking me where I’d been. He was concerned because hadn’t “seen” me online. Ironically enough, I was in the city all summer long, blissfully busy at work and play. However, his inquiry reminded me that no matter where we may be physically, in today’s day and age people get accustomed to our social media patterns – how often, when and where we show up. And when our patterns change, others take notice.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this summer my digital footprint changed in a big way. I underwent a bit of a social media “cleanse.” It started in June because I was experiencing a bit of a bandwidth issue.  I was feeling as though I didn’t have enough time in my week to get things done. (Sound familiar?)  I decided to take a long, hard look at my schedule to see where I could “find” more time.  Much to my surprise, my involvement (or dare I say over-involvement?) with social media was where I found it.

Twenty minutes here; a half hour there.  I had never considered how much time I was spending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  What’s more, as a small business owner, each week I tasked myself with a rigorous schedule of days/times that I “should” post, rather than posting in a more organic way. It started to feel forced.  To make matters worse, my list of “shoulds” often grew when I viewed the posts of what others were doing.  I soon realized that I needed a break from social media and I took the summer off.  Guess what happened.

The sun still rose in the east and set in the west. (I’m being a bit cheeky here…smile.)

Suffice to say, I felt less overwhelmed.  I made a more conscious effort to show up in person. And, much to my surprise, my business did not suffer because I took a social media sabbatical.  (In fact, it was the busiest summer I had in years!) My split from social media freed up much needed time for self-care, personal connection and business planning.  It made me think about why I felt compelled to constantly be connected and how many people were feeling the same pressure?

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you’re spending too much time on social media, there’s a good chance that you are. With that in mind, here are seven signs to help you to determine if too much of a good thing is well, too much.

  1. Social media is the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you check at night. And/or…you can’t go 15 minutes without checking your feed.
  2. You are more interested in photographing the moment than you are being in the moment.
  3. You are on social media when you are with (A little rude, yes?)
  4. Your productivity is suffering and more specifically, your to-do list is not getting done.
  5. You are developing a mild (or not-so-mild) case of A.D.D., responding to the constant “ping” of notifications.
  6. When something good (or bad) happens, your first inclination is to post it, rather than reach out to a good friend, family member or significant other.
  7. It either thrusts you into a place of “compare and despair” or you’re overly concerned with the number of likes you receive. Either way, it makes you feel bad.

If you can relate to even a few of these telltale signs, you may want to revisit your relationship with social media. Please know that I am not suggesting that you should cut yourself off it completely. (For most of us, that’s just not realistic.) However, cutting back is another story. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. How many platforms you’re on, and how often you’re on them, is completely up to you.

As for me, I am still finding my way and figuring out my most comfortable rhythm and new social media norm. But  I’ve discovered that, for myself, less is proving to be more.

Carol Davidson, CPC, AICI CIP is a certified image consultant and life coach who has helped thousands tackle their careers and personal lives with confidence and enthusiasm. She believes that it’s never just about the new dress, the right bag, or the perfect shoes. It’s about powerfully walking in them toward what matters most. Whether Carol’s work starts from the outside in or the inside out, it’s always a collaboration that leaves her clients looking and feeling better about who they are in the world.  Contact Carol at Info@CarolDavidson.com.


  • Carol Davidson

    For over 15 years, Carol Davidson has helped women transform their appearance, wardrobe and self-esteem. Her style and life coaching advice has helped women tackle their careers and personal lives with confidence and enthusiasm. Clients have told Carol they look better and feel better about how they look and the life they lead. They move forward with greater ease and confidently show up for matters most. Carol is an educator at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been quoted in countless media outlets including: businessweek.com, Forbes.com, ivillage.com, SmartMoney and Real Simple. While she calls NYC and South Florida “home,” her reach includes the Tri-State area and beyond. Her Skype consultations and easy-to-use, private, online closet, shopping and lookbook platform allow her to work with clients across the country and around the world. For more of Carol’s style picks and lifestyle tips, please visit her at: CarolDavidson.com and like her on FB: CarolDavidsonLifeStyleStrategy. You can also find her on twitter @CarolDavidson.

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