2020 Travel Trends

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2020 Travel Trends

Here’s the biggest news impacting travel:

1.The number of Chinese and Indians traveling is huge creating higher hotel prices across the board.

2. Climate change is a big topic in Europe and there is a push back on long haul flights for the warning effect. There are going to be more luxury train trips.

3. The dollar is low but expected to lose value in 2020.

4. Social media marketing is changing where we go and what we eat. So called Insta Tourism is marketed by apps like Instagram. Billions of photos are uploaded by apps and this alone has increased cooking and eating trips. 

5. Specialist travel on hobbies is growing. 

6. There are new flights: JetBlue will fly the Atlantic and code share with Norwegian, Delta and Virgin more merged flights Spirit more gateways.

7. Finally there are new destinations which are affordable and easy to visit.

Here are some of our favorite destinations.

The Emirates and Oman.

2020 Travel Trends

These tiny exotic countries dot the Persian Gulf. For Americans- they are our new best friends. (And so are they Israel’s new best friends). Hotels, airport, roads and architecture are ultra-modern. But peak behind and see a different ancient world of tribes people, palaces, castles and oases with camels and falcons.  No, the area is not all desert. There are high mountains dusted with snow in winter, a lot of green and palms with tropical birds and wildlife. Museums range from 19c clay houses to the incredible, Louvre Abu Dhabi, by Jean Nouvel.

Scotland and the Highlands.

2020 Travel Trends

Most think of Scotland as Edinburgh. It is a regal and elegant city and capital of ancient Scotland. The Highlands are farther away and have a shorter season, but they show you the real Scotland of deer, heaths, stony mountains, compact villages, glacier glens, seals and seabirds… and, of course, whiskey. You have to love a moated castle and believe in a Lochness monster to truly enjoy yourself. Don’t ask what is in traditional food called Haggis, but do ask for a serving of Scottish salmon, fresh scallops, and the best cold berries you have ever tasted. Bring money for the handmade crafts and woolens you cannot resist.  While the Pound remains very low and Brexit keeps it there, visit Scotland now.

Africa is where the future of new tourism is centered.

2020 Travel Trends

South Africa and its neighbor, formerly German SW Africa, Namibia are the most popular. Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and others also. To reach these places, airfare and hotels can be expensive. S Africa is a different trip from Namibia. That trip usually covers gorgeous Cape Town, wines and gardens, wildlife and poignant history of a multi-cultural population with apartheid. Namibia is mainly wildlife and its tribal population less urbanized. The scenery in both countries is thrilling with Namibia’s desert and the highest dunes in the world. In Namibia, you might see tribal people breast naked in a supermarket; Hunks of semi-precious rocks sold from the roadside; Red boulders carved with ancient pictographs.

Finally, we suggest the famous cities in Europe and what is different for 2020.

2020 Travel Trends

London, Paris, Athens, Rome, will be more crowded with new tourists mentioned above. Cruise ports are becoming impossible. Off season will be your best bet and booking museum tickets, restaurants and such, ahead of time, a must. 

Know how to use Twitter. Twitter is use by governments in Europe about traffic, civil unrest, weather. Use public transportation; it is comprehensive, safe and more people speak English if you get lost. Some Uber drivers take you to your destination by way of the moon as they do not actually know the cities. Avoid demonstrations (again twitter might warn you), they are getting bigger and rowdier. Crime is up. Watch your valuables.

 Experiment with new airlines you can book on European sites that end in foreign country urls: .co.uk, .fr, .de and such.

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