10 quick wins for a clutter-free life …

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When I’m teaching, as I am right now at Rancho La Puerta, people often ask me, “Where should I start?”

And I typically say, “You can either go big or go fast … it all depends on how you’re feeling in the moment.”

So, today, let’s focus on some quick wins and next week we can dig a bit deeper for the larger wins.

For now, join me on the Organization Express—choo choo!

1. Clear Your Workspace
•  Remove any unnecessary items from your desk or workspace.
•  Sort and put away loose papers and documents, like-with-like.
•  Wipe down your workspace.

2. Tackle a Single Drawer
•  Choose one drawer that either often accumulates clutter or has been ignored too long.
•  Remove everything from the drawer and sort items into like-with-like categories.
• Return only essential items to the drawer, discarding or relocating the rest.

3. Optimize Your Email Inbox
• Unsubscribe from newsletters or promotional emails you no longer need or want.
• Create folders or labels to categorize and prioritize incoming emails, then set up at least one rule or filter.
• Archive or delete old emails that are no longer relevant.

4. Declutter Your Bag or Purse
• Empty the contents of your bag onto a clean surface.
• Remove any trash, receipts, coupons, or expired items.
• Organize essential items, such as keys, wallet, and phone, in designated pockets or compartments.

5. Sort and Purge Your Closet
• Take a quick look at one closet and identify items you no longer wear because you don’t love them—they are not in good shape OR they are not flattering.
• Put them all into a donation bag and set it by the exit to your home.
• Pick up any clothes on the floor, doorknob or hook and hang up or toss in the hamper.
• Remove any broken hangers or empty hangers from the cleaners still lingering.

6. Create a Mini To-Do List
• Jot down the top three tasks you need to complete today.
• Prioritize them based on urgency or importance.
• Make 3 appointments with yourself on your calendar over the next 48 hours to get these things done.

7. Organize Your Digital Files
•  Create folders on your computer inside your Downloads or Documents folders to categorize documents.
•  Move files from your Downloads Folder into their new specific, appropriate folders.
•  Delete any unnecessary files or duplicates.

8. Refresh Your Fridge
•  Quickly check the expiration dates of food items.
•  Toss expired or spoiled items.
•  Wipe down shelves and drawers to maintain cleanliness.

9. Clear Your Mind with a Brain Dump
•  Take a notepad or open a digital document.
•  Write down all the thoughts, tasks, and ideas swirling in your mind.
•  Review the list and determine the next steps for each item.

10. Establish a 5-Minute Nightly Routine
•  90 minutes before bed, spend 5 minutes tidying up your living space.
•  Put away items that are out of place and fluff pillows on the couch.
•  Load or unload the dishwasher—don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink.
•  Pick out your clothes and any essentials for the next day.

Remember, small steps can lead to significant transformations—you don’t need hours of unstructured time to have a major impact.

By dedicating just a few minutes each day to any of these quick organizational tasks, you’ll start to experience the peace and productivity that come with a clutter-free life.

Here’s to more love and less stuff!

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