LA LIFE: Earthquake Smarts, Ladies Night, Sunset Swim, Lotus Festival

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LA LIFE: Earthquake Smarts, Ladies Night, Sunset Swim, Lotus Festival

Hey Tomatoes! Greetings on this summery Friday.  Since Earthquakes are on our mind in SoCal we need to take precautions and I’ve got a few suggestions from the experts and a way to help the citizens of Ridgecrest.  It’s “Ladies Night” at Green Thumb Nursery and a green thumb is not required.  How about a “Sunset Swim” on a Friday evening at the former Marion Davies pool? It’s pretty darn spectacular. And the stunning floating lotus flowers are blooming at Echo Park Lake just in time for the “39th Annual Lotus Festival”. Lots of summery things to do.

Get Earthquake Smart

LA LIFE: Earthquake Smarts, Ladies Night, Sunset Swim, Lotus Festival

Those of us Tomatoes in Los Angeles had quite a jolt on July 4th and July 5th …literally… but nothing like the 6.4 and the 7.1 earthquake that originated in Ridgecrest CA. As for me, it shook me out of my complacency and motivated me to prepare and get better informed because things have changed a lot since 1994. So it is time to get Earthquake Smart Tomatoes and help our friends in Ridgecrest.

First and fore most we must keep the Ridgecrest victims in our thoughts as they continue to transition into recovery mode. Megan Person, director of countywide communications for Kern County and Kern County Fire Battalion Chief Brandon Smith have both urged anyone wanting to help to donate to the Red Cross. You can donate $10 Tomatoes by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

When the earth moved and not in a good way on July 4th, I realized I was totally unprepared…I was thinking I should get in a doorway, which is apparently an outdated safety measure now and won’t protect you at all.   I was thinking if I even had an earthquake kit…where did I put it. And if I did have one had stuff expired?  Afterwards, I wondered what do I do if I’m in my car or in a store? And I do know for sure that I don’t have an earthquake kit in my car and I should. The big Quake of 94 is so long ago and the memories have faded and so I had put the possibility of another one at the back of my mind. The two smaller Quakes we experienced last week was a wake-up call Gals. I’m happy to say I jumped on getting more prepared right away and still working on it.

And as I always say, let the experts doing the guiding.  The LA Times posted this article in 2016 but it still has great info for us to heed today on “How You Protect Yourself in an Earthquake Might be All Wrong”.  And I would definitely read this advice Tomatoes from the Red Cross.  They do know their stuff. And so does LA County Gov.  

Another important step is to download the Shake Alert LA App to your Apple or Android phone. It will notify you in English or Spanish of an Earthquake of 5.0 or greater magnitude that has been detected in LA County.  You can also use this app to prepare for an earthquake, get details on recent earthquakes, and find help after an earthquake.  We can thank our great City of Los Angeles and Mayor Garcetti for building on the ShakeAlert system by the U.S. Geological Survey to provide us with “ShakeAlertLA”.  So, take advantage of it, Tomatoes. 

I do feel more confident, less afraid and earthquake smarter now that I’ve started to take the necessary steps to be ready when the next one strikes. You will too.  So, time to get started Tomatoes.  I want you all prepared and safe as can be. And let’s keep Ridgecrest in our thoughts.

July 18. Ladies Night at Green Thumb Nursery

LA LIFE: Earthquake Smarts, Ladies Night, Sunset Swim, Lotus Festival

Tomatoes definitely belong at Green Thumb Nursery’s “Ladies Night” in Canoga Park.  I frequent that nursery quite often and it really is a wonderful garden nursery. “Ladies Night” is free with free parking.  I like the sound of that.  There’ll be wine, snacks, shopping under the stars and a chance to save some cash on your purchase(s) but no buying is required. WooHoo!

On the same evening the “Canoga Park Art Walk” is happening which is way cool.  Green Thumb will have esteemed artists Joanna Lewis and Dennis Ling on hand as well. Not only can you save 20% on anything you buy but there will be free product samples, demonstrations and much more.  Enjoy the Nursery and the Art Walk Tomatoes.


July 12 & July 26, August 8 & 23.  Sunset Swims

LA LIFE: Earthquake Smarts, Ladies Night, Sunset Swim, Lotus Festival

What could be better than an evening sunset swim in a historic pool on the beach Tomatoes?! Los Angeles has some pretty cool public pools but who wouldn’t want to take a dip in the 1920’s pool at the former oceanfront estate of Marion Davies built by William Randolph Hearst, aka Annenberg Beach House? Hmmm? 

The historic pool with that incredible view at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica is to die for Ladies. It features marble around the deck of the pool and beautiful tiles that were restored by hand and a new Pool House with changing areas, lockers and a second floor View Deck as well. I’m putting it on my “To Do” list right now.  It’s only $10 for adults, $5 for Seniors (Yeah!), no membership or reservations required, easy parking and it’s adults only for the Sunset Swims.  How relaxing. It starts tonight so you might want to gas up the car and pack your pool & beach bag Tomatoes. 

July 13 & 14. Lotus Festival

LA LIFE: Earthquake Smarts, Ladies Night, Sunset Swim, Lotus Festival

Tomatoes can celebrate the Echo Park’s Lake’s gorgeous floating flowers, the largest lotus bed in the United States, that signify rebirth, purity and life, while also celebrating the many contributions Asian-Americans have made to L.A.  This year, the festival honors and showcases the people and culture of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.  July is the perfect time for Tomatoes to enjoy the Lotus flower blooms.

There will be a plethora of great food, tons of shopping opportunities, live entertainment, dragon boat races, ethnic dances, Japanese tea house, Beer Garden and more Tomatoes. The Lotus Festival helps in promoting understanding and cooperation between different cultures. The Festival is a program of the nonprofit org, Los Angeles Lotus Festival, Inc., in collaboration with the Recreation and Parks, Dept. of the City of Los Angeles promoting the arts and cultures of the Asian Pacific Region. The Lotus Festival originated in 1972, by the Department of Recreation and Parks and members of the Council of Oriental Organizations (COO). 


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