SF LIFE: Gifts That Give Back, Festival of Light, Forage Kitchen

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Happy official holiday season tomatoes. Hopefully you enjoyed your day of giving thanks and are still celebrating with family and friends and not out armed with your credit card. However, if you do enjoy the act of gift giving this season, I have unearthed a few wonderful gifts that give back. The annual SF Festival of light is here. This unique art form exemplifies poetry in motion. And check out Forage Kitchen for a unique spin on the food scene.

Rivet Revolution

SF LIFE: Gifts That Give Back, Festival of Light, Forage KitchenRivet Revolution was founded by three local women – Susan, Carol and Liz, all tomatoes – entering their second act. They each have a personal connection to someone with Alzheimer’s and came together to create a way to raise funds to end the disease that affects so many. Revolution bands, as these gorgeous bracelets are known, are stylish, classic and symbolic.

Designed to be worn in multiples, $10 from each bracelet sale goes directly towards their mission to end Alzheimer’s. They are inspired by the perennial strength of the “rivet” which can be traced back to the Bronze Age. They are designed to spark conversations, raise awareness and form connections amongst those impacted by Alzheimer’s.  I wear mine proudly and you will definitely want them all! For more information: www.rivetrevolution.com

Amour Vert

SF LIFE: Gifts That Give Back, Festival of Light, Forage Kitchen

Green Love – that’s the translation of this cozy, casual, delightful San Francisco based clothing line. Founded by Linda Balti on the belief that great fashion and social responsibility can coexist, this line manufactures solely in the US.  They use non-toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics, and for every purchase of an Amour Vert product they pledge to plant a tree in North America.

Their merchandise is so soft I wanted to live in the store. They are flattering and long lasting and their classic styles guarantee they won’t go out of style next week. Freestanding stores can be found in Hayes Valley and at Stanford Shopping center. Some styles can be found at Nordstrom and small boutiques as well as online. To look as chic as a Parisian: www.amourvert.com

Purpose Jewelry

SF LIFE: Gifts That Give Back, Festival of Light, Forage Kitchen

Although not a local company, the mission of this social enterprise speaks volumes. The organization provides professional opportunities to young women who have been victims of sex trafficking. They work with survivors in Mumbai, India and Orange County, CA. From creation to shipping, the young women play a critical role in every step of the creation process.

Purpose Jewelry provides a fair wage and gives these women skills to move on in society. The pieces are extremely affordable and range from simple and classic to boho chic. You purchase online or you can host a trunk show for your friends. Such a powerful way to help victims of sex trafficking.  Order something now! www.purposejewelry.org

Festival of Light

SF LIFE: Gifts That Give Back, Festival of Light, Forage Kitchen

Hopefully by now you have all seen the Bay Bridge in all its spectacular lit up glory. The Bay Lights aside, we also have one of the most extensive collections of permanent light art in the country. Now through New Year’s Day, as soon as the sun goes down, you can experience 35 eco-friendly light art installations.  On view within 12 neighborhoods and four museums you can meet the artists and partake in various activities. Enjoy the Illuminate SF Festival of Light by taking a free tour, a self-guided tour or attend museum and gallery events.

To give you a sneak peak, one of the light art installations is the Murmur Wall at Yerba Buena Gardens. Combining artificial intelligence with a magnificent light display, the wall scans local Internet activity to determine what the city is thinking and talking about. The info is shown using digital displays, electronics and acrylic tubing. Welcome to the future. For all the lit-up events visit: www.illuminatesf.com


SF LIFE: Gifts That Give Back, Festival of Light, Forage Kitchen

Forage Kitchen’s creators, Iso Rabins and Matt Johansen, (Biergarten in Hayes Valley is his festive creation as well) wanted to create a space for anyone who loves food. From practiced chefs, to novices. This Oakland space is available for all. You can become a member at different levels and use the space accordingly.  In addition, event space can be rented, you can indulge in classes such as mushroom foraging, and dine in their café open from 11 – 3 Mon-Sat.

The most intriguing event they host is the Family Meal, held every second Sunday at 7 pm. Their next feast will be held on December 11th. This is a six-course meal served family style around communal tables -$60. Come together will all those who love, adore and worship food. For more tasty information: www.foragekitchen.com


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