LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & Festivals

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Live it up and be out of the ordinary at the Odd Market Tomatoes. It’s summer so that means Union Station will set “Dreams in Motion” with an up-close look at the magic of train travel. If that festival doesn’t tickle you, then I bet the “Lotus Festival” full of beautiful blooms will. It’s “Summer Tini” time with a refreshing tasting you don’t want to miss in charming Culver City. And Barra Grant, daughter of Bess Myerson, shares the seismic thrill ride she has taken as “Miss America’s Ugly Daughter,” a darkly comic play. I bet that peaks your interest ladies.

July 14 Train Fest

LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & Festivals

The Summer Train Fest is rolling in with this free family event that will feature a rare collection of beautifully restored vintage train engines and cars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. I know what you’re thinking Tomatoes.  Why would you be interested in seeing a bunch of trains?  Well, these are just any trains and I know this will spark your imagination, raise your awareness and appreciation for the train experience of the past.  Plus, I think it will just be loads of fun.

The festival will also showcase the future of train travel with exclusive and rarely seen train cars from Metrolink and Amtrak, while the Los Angeles Union Station Historical Society and the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation showcase the storied past of rail transportation in the city. Plenty for the kids to do with an expanded Kids’ Zone which will feature a Thomas the Tank Engine play area and train-themed games and entertainment and more. Vintage automobiles, L.A.’s premier food trucks and music while local vendors including Griffith Park Travel Town will offer model train supplies, toys and train merchandise. This is a first rate all-encompassing taste of train travel. Get tickets.

July 14 – August 12  Miss America’s Ugly Daughter

LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & FestivalsAnd I’m sure you all remember Bess Myerson  (our most famous Miss America) and the controversy surrounding her name.  Well now, she is the focus of a darkly comic, poignant two-character play, “Miss America’s Ugly Daughter: Bess Myerson and Me”. It’s opening at the Broad in Santa Monica starring and written by the brilliant Barra Grant, the real-life daughter and directed by the incredibly talented Eve Brandstein.  Both Tomatoes gals.  You know what I say, ladies, we MUST support great Tomatoes! Get tickets.

LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & Festivals

In case you don’t know, Bess Myerson was a television actress, model and New York politician who became famous in 1945 as the only Jewish Miss America and she remains the only Jewish woman to win the title to this day. While she was pursuing fame, a little girl was waiting at home. Bess did become famous…very.  And, unfortunately, also infamous as her career was tarnished by scandal. Through it all, her daughter, Barra Grant, sought her love. Barra reflects on the roller coaster that took Bess from the heights of fame and admiration to the precipice of a prison cell.

Barra has a great story to tell that is funny, heart-breaking, insightful, thoughtful and irreverent.  Having seen Barra Grant perform previously I have no doubt that her performance is stunning and directed perfectly by Eve Brandstein.   And, in my opinion Barra IS beautiful! Can you imagine Barra’s struggle to grow up in the shadow of her mother when she was clearly not destined to wear a tiara? Well, now you do not have imagine because Barra is finally telling her story in “Miss America’s Ugly Daughter: Bess Myerson and Me” and she shines at The Broad Stage.  YEAH! I can’t wait to see it!

July 20. Odd Market

LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & Festivals

Live Odd! Odd can be good and the Odd Market at the Autry Museum is just that with everything imaginable to enjoy. It’s a celebratory shopping extravaganza every third Friday of the month. Perhaps that is why they call it odd? It’s free and pets are welcome too! Yippee!

Live local bands, beer gardens, cocktail lounges, a full bar, 20 gourmet food trucks, 200+ vendors, Bouncy Zone Rides, kid’s face painting, including handcrafted jewelry, fashionable duds, home goods, antiques, collectibles, artwork, other quality handmade and vintage finds and the list goes on and on. Wow!

The property is on 2 and a half acres in heart of Griffith Park. There’s a ton of parking or you could even ride your horse in Tomatoes, seriously.

July 14 & 15. Lotus Festival

LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & Festivals

Tomatoes can celebrate the Echo Park Lake’s gorgeous floating flowers, the largest lotus bed in the United States, that signify rebirth, purity and life, while also celebrating the many contributions Asian-Americans have made to L.A.  This year, the festival honors and showcases the people and culture of The Republic of China.  July is the perfect time for Tomatoes to enjoy the Lotus flower blooms.

There will be a plethora of great food, live entertainment, ethnic dances, Japanese tea house and tea ceremony and more Tomatoes. The Lotus Festival helps in promoting understanding and cooperation between different cultures. The Festival is a program of the nonprofit org, Los Angeles Lotus Festival, Inc., in collaboration with the Recreation and Parks, Dept. of the City of Los Angeles promoting the arts and cultures of the Asian Pacific Region. The Lotus Festival originated in 1972, by the Department of Recreation and Parks and members of the Council of Oriental Organizations (COO).  The festival is held in July when the distinctive lotus flower blooms.   The festival was originally named “the Day of the Lotus.”

July 18. Summer Tini

LA LIFE: Trains, Theater, ‘Tinis, Markets & FestivalsDowntown Culver City has another “Taste of Summer” (every 3rd Wednesday starting at 5-9PM) event this week Tomatoes. Next up is “Summer Tini Time” to help you wind down after a hot busy work day and find out who makes the best Martini’s. If you are a Tomato who loves Martini’s, then this is the place to be.

While you’re there, enjoy treats, tours, ticket giveaways and live music throughout the downtown area along the beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods. It’s also a great chance for tomatoes to explore this area’s rich history with one-of-a-kind restaurants, boutiques, bars, theatres and galleries. I highly recommend taking advantage of Downtown’s universal valet parking system: drop your car off at any one of four convenient locations, then pick it up at another. Free parking is also available for up to one hour in any of Downtown’s three municipal parking structures. Or just leave your car at home and take the Metro’s Expo Line to the Culver City Station.  I love this part of Culver City. That’s your cue Tomatoes.



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