“The Westhampton Leisure Hour and Supper Club” – A Perfect Book Club Selection

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west hampton leisure hourPour the vino, pass the chocolates, and then discuss “The Westhampton Leisure Hour and Supper Club”, Samantha Bruce-Benjamin’s evocative and haunting tale, at your next book club gathering. The setting for this riveting novel is the end of season party in 1938, in a sumptuous estate with all of the Hampton’s elite in attendance, champagne flowing and an orchestra playing, while unbeknownst to the guests, the Great Hurricane of 1938 that devastated most of Long Island, is approaching. Over the course of five minutes in the life the hostess, three decades of loves, deceit, and betrayals unfold through various narrators.

Serena Lyons, known for her fabled Hampton’s parties, watches from her bedroom window as her guests arrive, searching for a face in the crowd: The Summer Visitor she has never forgotten.

For thirty years she has waited for him at the start of every party. But on this last evening, the ritual assumes a greater significance. On a road nearby, Kit Peel, is at last returning to her, bringing with him the answers to the unresolved mystery of his disappearance at the age of twenty-one, and the truth behind the secrets that will finally set her free. If only he can get to her in time; if only Serena’s estranged husband, Captain Lyons, will allow him close enough.


And so the story unfolds as Serena relives the defining moments of her life, and we learn of the tragedies in her life, promises made and broken, and the decisions that brought everyone at the party there that evening.

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You’ll need more than one bottle of wine to discuss this book, including whose version of the narration is true, is there such a thing as soul mates, and did anyone see the ending coming?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you so much for selecting The Westhampton Leisure Hour and Supper Club. I very much appreciate your support and am so pleased you liked the novel. Your site looks wonderful and I will be checking back frequently and often, not to mention spreading the good word!

    Very best,


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