Outdoor Entertaining Gear

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If you’re like us and you love outdoor entertaining, here are some must have items that you didn’t know you needed.  Well now you do. You’re welcome.

The Inflatable Cooling Serving Bar

Outdoor Entertaining Gear

What a great idea. Inflate the unique cooling station and add ice to keep salads, snacks, and drinks cold. Amazon. $11.99

Chilled Condiment Server

Outdoor Entertaining Gear

Not only does this handy dandy server keep the condiments nicely covered, but cold too. It’s got 5 compartments (perfect for mayo and mustard too) and simply add ice to the botton tray to keep everything cold.  Amazon. $24.99

Flameless Remote Color Candles

Outdoor Entertaining Gear

It’s all about creating the perfect mood for your outdoor dinner parties.  And these real life-liked flickering flames in lovely colors will add to the perfect setting and tone. Amazon. $22.96

Beverage Dispenser

Outdoor Entertaining GearIce tea, lemonade or water with fruit, will be served in style with this beautiful 2.5-gallon beverage dispenser. Amazon. $29.85.

Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

Outdoor Entertaining Gear

Breakfast or brunch on the patio or deck anyone? This portable cooktop burner is perfect for whipping up the bacon eggs outside.  Amazon. $59.99 (note you need to buy a special pan too, also available at Amazon).

Cool Down the Outdoors

Outdoor Entertaining GearThis powerful portable evaporative cooler is designed to cover 250 square feet and is perfect for outdoor patios and decks. It can also be used indoors too, and in optimal conditions can lower temperatures by as much as 20-30 degrees.  Perfect for those hot, humid dog days of summer. Amazon $179.99


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  1. Debbie Zipp says:

    I have to say that I love all these tips. I have the candles with the remote. I have placed a lot of them in my garden and it is so easy to turn them on all at once and off. So convenient and so romantic.

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